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Does anyone blog anymore? October 17, 2008

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Or have we all become Facebook addicts? 🙂


Masula September 4, 2008

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Our youngest has an imaginary friend named Masula Depending on the day, she migrates living down the street from us or in California. She has a special phone that calls her and most days it is her birthday. This is all very interesting for me because none of the other kids have had imaginary friends.

My first thought was to get her more friends that are real. She is around other kids most all the time but Masula is talked about even when she is around friends and brothers and sisters. She is starting preschool tomorrow so we shall see if Masula is still around as the year progresses.


Finally, home made donuts! August 17, 2008

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Kids enjoying home made donuts
I have been all talk and no action for the last year on making donuts! Finally an overcast day with nothing to do! The girls and I made the dough this morning and let it chill for 2 hours. We had a neighbo over wo of course wanted to help! I used a basic recipe from a Betty Crocker cookbook. They turned out pretty good but next time I will add a bit more nutmeg and some vanilla extract.

Home made donuts
We used some leftover frosting – next time I will make a glaze.

Home made donut holes
I love donut holes. Next time I will make them a bit bigger!


Salsa or pumpkin pie anyone?

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Bush early girl tomatoes
These are my tomatoes this year – I am getting a lot!

Sunsugar Tomatoes
These ones are sweet and small.

Pumpkin patch
This is the harvest of what the cub scouts planted.
Baby pumpkin
These are what they start out looking like. I have about 12 of the small ones and two of the above big ones! Last year, we carved the pumpkins and I roasted the pumpkin seeds! Yummy!

Big pumpkin


Gardening July 31, 2008

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Hello! Last year I did post some pics up here as to what I was growing. I will try to do that before my trip.

I am really enjoying gardening this year. I read a book recommended to me by my good friends Joel and Erin (who also happen to be family!) called Animal Vegetable Miracle. I highly recommend this book – it gave me a new viewpoint as to how I can improve our eating by eating more locally produced items. I am trying to grow more of our own food but we have such a short growing season here!

We have enjoyed lots of zucchini – I have made it into bread with much success. My son even bragged to my sensei that I made the best bread – she requested that I make her some – so I did. She enjoyed it! I even had our neighborhood babysitter say we could pay her with zucchini bread instead of money! Ha – what a deal!

Where has the summer gone? It feels like it slipped by. We have had a guest for the last month – our son’s friend from California. We have also had lots of guests in addition to him – it has been such a blessing to hang out with so many friends and family! The kids have also enjoyed lots of different camps.

I have been trying to be better about doing things I enjoy after kids go to bed – so I have read many books this summer as well as some late nights stamping. We have also enjoyed getting together with neighbors and just hanging out!

Well, I am off to bed after an exhausting day! I hope you are all doing awesome!

I have about 50 tomatoes that will be ready mid-August.


What’s going on? May 16, 2008

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Hello! No more conspiracies I promise. 🙂

I am recovering from a hysterectomy that was done Monday the 12th. I am fine – just sore.

Previous to my surgery, I tested for my blue belt and passed. Now is the level where we get to start fighting each other. We need to get sparring gear and everything! I am hoping the doctor will clear me for going back to karate soon. I miss it.

The girls started gymnastics and they love it! Seth started drums. School is winding down – our last day is May 28th. We have a busy summer planned – lots of activities to do but I left some down time also.

I planted more vegetables – I will let you know how I did. I am trying sun sugar tomato, bush tomato, basil, cilantro (which all the neighbor boys love to eat), pumpkins, yellow squash, zucchini, red onion, green onions, cucumbers and purple bell peppers. I am trying the last six in an Earth Box. Supposedly, you get a better product and more from growing it in there. My red onions are starting to come up. I also planted near the wall – baby carrots, butter lettuce, okra, bush beans and broccoli – but the dog got into the dirt where I planted the seedlings so I am not sure what is going to come up!

We plan on doing more hiking this summer and more exploring around town. We discovered recently while going out to eat, that our kids have forgotten how to do that. (It was like watching a very bad car accident – it was so violent but you just watched anyway cause it was so freaky!) We have been cooking A LOT at home so the necessity of going out to eat had gone away. But we decided to use some free coupons to a place we liked before and our normal kids turned psycho. So, this summer we will be practicing good restaurant manners. 🙂

I need to go take my meds so that I can feel better. Hope all is well. 😉


A little concerning April 9, 2008

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Hello all. Awhile ago, I received what I thought at first to be a funny email from a friend. It was about a major talk show lady being the anti-christ. (I do not want the name up so that it will not come up in a search). Then I saw a YouTube video about a new church starting by this person. I am a previous viewer like a lot of you but please google the real names and do the research.

Okay, enough of the doom and gloom. Darling hubby of mine took me on a fantastic date the other night to the Melting Pot. Awhile ago I posted a question asking if it was worth the money. We did the 3 course meal plus a free coupon for the fourth dessert course – It was so good. He was totally into cooking the meat – me not so much – I loved the veggies! Good thing those were never ending! Go register online for the ClubFondue and you get coupons – the last one saved us $14! Thanks honey for an awesome date!

We are doing well here – I am looking forward to school being out soon! I tested in early March for my orange belt and testing in May for my blue belt. You should see my round house kicks – watch out Danielson!

I slowed down on the cooking thing because I started working at our local 5 star 5 diamond hotel. I worked in an old English pub that was rebuilt here in the states! It was fun but not worth the money and the toll it took on the family by me being gone. At least I know I am still hireable! Hope to post more regularly but I need to go walk to pick up the kids!


I have a secret! January 4, 2008

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My family has been eating LOTS of veggies that I have been sneaking into their food! I credit The Sneaky Chef and Deceptively Delicious with the ideas! I received these books for Christmas from my brother and sister-in-law.

Granted, my kids are pretty good eaters and do eat good shares of fruits and veggies – it is my husband that I need to get to eat his veggies. Now, he already knew what I was up to because I am steaming lots of veggies and then throwing them in my food processor and he knew about the books. He said I could do this. Well, I have not tried any of the recipes yet from their books, but instead, took their concepts and added them to my recipes.

For example, I added pureed sweet potatoes and mushrooms to a Hamburger Helper box dinner (not our usual dinner – but got for 50 cents a box! So good occasionally), added pureed cauliflower to my enchilada casserole and tonight I added pureed spinach, squash and zucchini to my homemade spaghetti sauce and threw it over whole wheat spaghetti with some melted mozzarella.

My family eats lots of salads as side dishes and until now, I have not been able to get my youngest to eat it. She finally did and likes it. I was so spoiled when I worked at CJ, I got the best ranch dressing for free every week. I have had the hardest time finding a bottled ranch dressing that myself and the kids like. From one of the books listed above they suggested taking Paul Newman’s ranch because of the ingredients and mixing it with a bit of plain yogurt. We love this – it is so tasty. I also have been leaving carrot chips and fruit out before dinner even starts as appetizers and my kids have been loving this.

I really credit these books with reteaching me good basic healthy ideas. I strongly suggest to take a peak at this. I know this may cause some controversy to the hard core disciplinarians that say put it on the plate and make them eat it. I know I did not like most veggies until I was in my mid-twenties. So in the meanwhile, I will put it on their plate AND sneak it in! I will let you know of what other recipes I have tried with success that sneak in veggies!


Happy Birthday to my hubby! December 22, 2007

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Today Jon is 36! Happy Birthday sweetie! I love you so much. Jon requested a mellow day at home. Tonight I am taking him to the Golden Bee which is an Irish singing bar that serves Guinness. 🙂


Happy Birthday to our oldest! December 20, 2007

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Just wanted to let you know that our oldest celebrated 8 years alive! I took him to his recent well visit and he is all healthy. The heart murmur he as had since he was 1 finally disappeared! The kids have the 17th thru the 2nd off from school.

Update – I am a yellow belt in karate! Merry Christmas!