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Peanut free and hating it! July 27, 2007

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I just learned that our local school is a nut free school. (insert your corny jokes here.) Kids cannot bring in any kind of peanut butter or snack that has been processed in a plant that manufactures peanuts.

I find myself getting a little upset about this. I mean, I am allergic to certain nuts and if I eat them I don’t die or anything but break out in some fabulous looking welts all over, so I certainly understand the sensitivity. But if your kid is going to die if they eat nuts – home school them. Don’t send them to public school to affect everyone else.

Peanut butter sandwiches are great according to me! They are fast to make, healthy (yes, I use the real peanut butter with no sugar or corn syrup) and cheap. Now I cannot make them for my kids? Are you serious? A lot of breads nowadays have the “has been manufactured in a plant that manufactures peanuts” so I cannot pack that! No granola bars or certain crackers. So what am I supposed to do? I do what my neighbor says most moms do – the school lunch program.

Now this ticks me off! Not only is this expensive, but I have no idea what my kids are eating and most things are not that healthy. Some are but those are the choices.

When are we going to stop being so sensitive – what about the people that have milk allergies, chocolate and/or wheat? Do we ban those from schools? What about when these children get to be adults and get into the workforce? They are so used to having everything peanut free that they demand it in the workplace too? What about bees? Are you going to ban bees from coming into the schoolyard?

Ahh. The main thing I am upset about is how this affects my 5 year old. That is all the kinds of sandwich that she will eat. What do I have her eat while at school? Sorry to rant – just had a bee in my bonnet.


Update July 10, 2006

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Just a quick update to let you know we officially have a scooter! Rachel is doing awesome – she is moving everywhere! She is not going up the stairs yet (thank God!). She does this crab crawl and moves fast! The only downside is now that with all the physical therapy she is doing and sees different therapists all the time at CHOC – she is fearful around new people.
Seth is starting guitar lessons today and Audrey is starting ballet. I will let you know how that went.
I am doing good – I have been walking and beginning the running training every day almost. I have been eating healthier but have not noticed a weight loss yet. I can tell my body is changing shape a bit – it definately feels stronger. I am thinking I have to give up my diet soda. I have one can a day. Maybe I switch to every other day. What do you think?
Thanks for the support and the tips everyone has given me.


Today is the BIG date June 25, 2006

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While I was thinking about what I wanted for my birthday from my parents, I was thinking about maybe registering with Weight Watchers. Then I was thinking that I really do not have the time to go to meetings and the real reason I wanted to go was because I wanted to be accountable for my goal.
So, I decided I would do a weight loss goal on my website and let my friends and family help me be accountable. Then instead for my birthday, I would ask them for a nice coffee maker and coffee bean grinder instead.
Here it is – my current weight is 148. I know it is not bad but I have enough rolls from my three children that I look much larger. I want to lose 15 fat pounds. My goal is to get myself exersizing everyday and to give up (mostly) sweets. Boy, not working as a waitress has really shown me how much exercise I was getting there! I will try to post weekly about how I am doing. Thanks in advance for your support!


New job on the horizon April 28, 2006

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I have officially quit the restaurant industry! My last day is May 6th. I am so excited – I can enjoy weekends now! Through my brother, I have found a great job which allows me to work from home 25 hours a week. Nothing exciting – but the people I will work for seem really nice and cool.

The baby update is that she has been diagnosed with hypotonia. We will be doing physical therapy five times a week. I think three times at CHOC and twice a week someone will come to our home. From the research I have done online, it seems to be an underlying condition of something else. It could stem from a central nervous systems issue (cerebral palsy) or a muscular problem (muscular dystrophy or ms) . So hopefully, we will found out more after we are assesed at CHOC. I am praying for a total miracle – that she will just defy all the reasoning and catch up with kids her age and have no other issues.

I will keep you informed!


Update April 19, 2006

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Boy – a lot of updates for you! We have a new puppy – her name is Gigi. She is totally cute and we have had her about 2 weeks. I will see if Jon can post a picture soon.

My friend Shellie’s shower is this weekend. I should really start moving on that! Rachel had her one year check up and the doctor decided to have her start physical therapy. We have not started yet but I will let you know how that is going.

Work is crazy – I got in trouble a few weeks back about being late. I am talking 2 to 3 minutes late. The traffic is getting crazy – even up by us. My work is 12 miles away and it now takes me almost an hour to get there. Sometimes I ask myself if it is worth it. They are also requiring that I work Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. This is a new thing because previously you could chose one and then find some kind soul to cover it for you – normally for a fee or big favor. This year that is not allowed. I find that crazy because after almost four years of working there – I still have to do what the new people do. Holidays suck at restaurants – you make the worst money that day. People normally go one step up on the class scale on holidays – so the people who normally go to Denny’s come there. Poeple also want you to treat their guest of honor like gold. To do that at every table and not make any money is totally not worth it.

Do something else for your mother on Mother’s Day instead of waiting two hours in a restaurant. Most mother’s of adult children just want to hang out with you anyway and know that you are thinking of them. Mother’s of multiple young children just want time away from children as a present. If you happen to find yourself in a restaurant that day – give that server a nice fat tip. Trust me – you will be thought of kindly all day!

I have not told Jon yet but my Mother’s Day present was getting my face waxed for the first time – yikes that hurt! I did not want to be furry for this big important shower. So if I see you in the next few weeks – check me out!

See you soon!


Boys – this is not a post for you! March 27, 2006

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I have warned you stop reading. Girls can continue.

So I have been sick this weekend and today. I have also been having my period. Not a fun time. Today, I decided I should go to the doctor to get checked out and needed to leave fast because they fit me in between already scheduled appointments. I have Audrey and Rachel with me so I pack everything I need for them in a hurry. I am driving down the freeway when I get that feeling – you know what it is huh girls… I suddenly remember that I have my period because something is about to overflow. I start to panic – I do not have my purse – I have my diaper bag. There is normally nothing mommy related in the diaper bag. I start feeling around toward the bottom and I feel two tampons! I feel glee! I feel triumphant! And the first thing I think is, “The boys may be excited about Snakes on a Plane but this girl is more excited about tampons in a bag!”


Snails March 22, 2006

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Okay, awhile ago I said how I loved spiders and I still do. But another weird thing that I like and cannot kill and will not teach my kids to kill are snails. I know they are a nuisance to your lawn and garden but I just love how goofy looking they are.

This morning I saw a baby snail about this small ——– . It was so cute. I love how their eyes go two different ways. The slime is a slight deterrant to me liking them but not enough to kill them.

I know I could probably research why they are so bad and learn not to like them – but today go out of your way to not step on a snail for me!