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Here’s a picture of our new puppy! May 31, 2006

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New Puppy 2 (4/4/2006)
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Sorry it took so long, but here’s a picture finally of our new puppy taken in the first couple of days we had her in early April. Her name’s Gigi and she is sooo much bigger now!


Trip madness October 31, 2005

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Totally fun – Please check out the photos from my trip to Hawaii and San Francisco. My friend Shellie, who is my friend from junior high, works on a show with her husband called Hi Hi Puffy Ami Umi. Please check it out.

Shellie's Wedding DressShellie was wearing a wedding dress from 1940 that she bought at an auction 10 years ago. I remember getting that call and her telling me that she bought a wedding dress. She said, “I have no idea who I am going to marry, but at least I have my dress.” It was beautiful. She and her new husband are still vacationing in Hawaii.

Also up on flickr are the Halloween pictures. We had lots of fun going to our church event.

Oh, the San Francisco trip was also fun. I helped Joel and Erin register at Babies R’ Us. It is crazy to remember all the stuff you need in the beginning. I had a nice time helping other clueless expecting parents around the store. I think I am going to hire myself out. I was so severly jet lagged that I went to bed at 9pm and did not wake up until 11 1/2 hours later.

In the “Joel & Erin” set you will also see a picture of my friend Danielle whom I reconnected with after 12 years. Yikes that sounds long! We are already planning our next trip up north to spend more time with those folks! More than one day in Hawaii would be nice too.