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White and Nerdy September 2, 2007

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We took our kids to go see Weird Al in concert at the Colorado State Fair. We had a lot of fun. That guy is a total genius! The kids had a lot of fun. Rachel stayed with grandparents so it was good time with the oldest kids. I think my favorite songs are White and Nerdy and the ones based on Billy Joel songs.

We also saw an 80 foot dive into a ten foot swimming pool, pig races, sting rays, tigers, sand sculpture based on Alice in Wonderland and a spray painting artist. The kids had a lot of fun and we did not get home until 12 on a school night which they thought was pretty cool. It got me thinking how long can I get away with going to concerts with my kids. I hope they will always want me to go. Probably not but we enjoyed the time together none the less. 🙂


Crazy song origins May 22, 2005

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I was listening to 95.5 the other day and heard Uncle Joe Benson talking about the Rolling Stones and Jumping Jack Flash. Apparently, that song came from the lead singer(who is he again?) that had this gardener that was on some kind of medication that made him a little jumpy. That made me think of what other kinds of songs had crazy beginnings. Any favorites?