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Gardening July 31, 2008

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Hello! Last year I did post some pics up here as to what I was growing. I will try to do that before my trip.

I am really enjoying gardening this year. I read a book recommended to me by my good friends Joel and Erin (who also happen to be family!) called Animal Vegetable Miracle. I highly recommend this book – it gave me a new viewpoint as to how I can improve our eating by eating more locally produced items. I am trying to grow more of our own food but we have such a short growing season here!

We have enjoyed lots of zucchini – I have made it into bread with much success. My son even bragged to my sensei that I made the best bread – she requested that I make her some – so I did. She enjoyed it! I even had our neighborhood babysitter say we could pay her with zucchini bread instead of money! Ha – what a deal!

Where has the summer gone? It feels like it slipped by. We have had a guest for the last month – our son’s friend from California. We have also had lots of guests in addition to him – it has been such a blessing to hang out with so many friends and family! The kids have also enjoyed lots of different camps.

I have been trying to be better about doing things I enjoy after kids go to bed – so I have read many books this summer as well as some late nights stamping. We have also enjoyed getting together with neighbors and just hanging out!

Well, I am off to bed after an exhausting day! I hope you are all doing awesome!

I have about 50 tomatoes that will be ready mid-August.


What’s going on? May 16, 2008

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Hello! No more conspiracies I promise. 🙂

I am recovering from a hysterectomy that was done Monday the 12th. I am fine – just sore.

Previous to my surgery, I tested for my blue belt and passed. Now is the level where we get to start fighting each other. We need to get sparring gear and everything! I am hoping the doctor will clear me for going back to karate soon. I miss it.

The girls started gymnastics and they love it! Seth started drums. School is winding down – our last day is May 28th. We have a busy summer planned – lots of activities to do but I left some down time also.

I planted more vegetables – I will let you know how I did. I am trying sun sugar tomato, bush tomato, basil, cilantro (which all the neighbor boys love to eat), pumpkins, yellow squash, zucchini, red onion, green onions, cucumbers and purple bell peppers. I am trying the last six in an Earth Box. Supposedly, you get a better product and more from growing it in there. My red onions are starting to come up. I also planted near the wall – baby carrots, butter lettuce, okra, bush beans and broccoli – but the dog got into the dirt where I planted the seedlings so I am not sure what is going to come up!

We plan on doing more hiking this summer and more exploring around town. We discovered recently while going out to eat, that our kids have forgotten how to do that. (It was like watching a very bad car accident – it was so violent but you just watched anyway cause it was so freaky!) We have been cooking A LOT at home so the necessity of going out to eat had gone away. But we decided to use some free coupons to a place we liked before and our normal kids turned psycho. So, this summer we will be practicing good restaurant manners. 🙂

I need to go take my meds so that I can feel better. Hope all is well. 😉


I have a secret! January 4, 2008

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My family has been eating LOTS of veggies that I have been sneaking into their food! I credit The Sneaky Chef and Deceptively Delicious with the ideas! I received these books for Christmas from my brother and sister-in-law.

Granted, my kids are pretty good eaters and do eat good shares of fruits and veggies – it is my husband that I need to get to eat his veggies. Now, he already knew what I was up to because I am steaming lots of veggies and then throwing them in my food processor and he knew about the books. He said I could do this. Well, I have not tried any of the recipes yet from their books, but instead, took their concepts and added them to my recipes.

For example, I added pureed sweet potatoes and mushrooms to a Hamburger Helper box dinner (not our usual dinner – but got for 50 cents a box! So good occasionally), added pureed cauliflower to my enchilada casserole and tonight I added pureed spinach, squash and zucchini to my homemade spaghetti sauce and threw it over whole wheat spaghetti with some melted mozzarella.

My family eats lots of salads as side dishes and until now, I have not been able to get my youngest to eat it. She finally did and likes it. I was so spoiled when I worked at CJ, I got the best ranch dressing for free every week. I have had the hardest time finding a bottled ranch dressing that myself and the kids like. From one of the books listed above they suggested taking Paul Newman’s ranch because of the ingredients and mixing it with a bit of plain yogurt. We love this – it is so tasty. I also have been leaving carrot chips and fruit out before dinner even starts as appetizers and my kids have been loving this.

I really credit these books with reteaching me good basic healthy ideas. I strongly suggest to take a peak at this. I know this may cause some controversy to the hard core disciplinarians that say put it on the plate and make them eat it. I know I did not like most veggies until I was in my mid-twenties. So in the meanwhile, I will put it on their plate AND sneak it in! I will let you know of what other recipes I have tried with success that sneak in veggies!


Happy Birthday to my hubby! December 22, 2007

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Today Jon is 36! Happy Birthday sweetie! I love you so much. Jon requested a mellow day at home. Tonight I am taking him to the Golden Bee which is an Irish singing bar that serves Guinness. 🙂


Well, I have never… November 26, 2007

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Went Black Friday shopping when it was 10 degrees! Got some good deals though!
Had most of my Christmas shopping done before December even started!
Tried an eggnog latte at Starbucks – pretty good!
Made a turkey – came out great!
Got food poisoning – I feel better now.
Tried crocheting. Made a blanket.

Did you try anything new this month?


Wow! It’s been a long time! November 3, 2007

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Hello! I cannot believe it has been almost two months since my last post. Yes, I suffer from busy just like everyone else!

I know per Jon’s website that you have seen the fall colors, our first snow and Halloween fun! I have never been trick or treating before in 30 degree weather – without a jacket! Yikes! It took me awhile to warm up. Went thru all the candy and came up with different piles – mom and dad’s secret stash, holiday baking, stuff to save for next year and oh, yeah, the kids stuff! I want to use some of the chocolate pieces for my Christmas cookies! Per the official neighbor count – we had 182 trick or treaters.

We are having a season of lots of people visiting – I love it! We are enjoying the company and I am enjoying not cooking! I think I cooked every night for a whole month without going out! That is a record for us. Most times we go out once or twice a month. I am getting ready for Thanksgiving – I love that holiday. So often it gets overlooked because of the Christmas season, but I think it is great to sit with friends and family and be thankful! So, my parents are coming out for turkey day week and we are hosting a friend thanksgiving the Saturday before.

The kids are doing awesome! Busy with school, friends and extra activities. There social calendar is getting full. 🙂 Karate is going well – I am switching to an adult class because I am ready to test for yellow belt (exciting!) and the kids should be ready by the end of the month. I finally bought all my snow gear – our first snow I could not go out and play because I had nothing – I went out in my pj’s. So snow already! None is expected for awhile. Bummer.

I think I might actually get caught up on my scrapbooking – I am six years behind and two kids behind. A neighborhood crafting group just started once a week – so I will bring all my stuff. We recently completed 120 pop up books on Germany for my son’s grade level because I am the room mom – it took us ladies about 25 hours to get it done! Instead of Halloween, they learn about Germany – flag, history and food and complete the section by doing a 1.5 mile walk called a Voksmarch. They wore a pretzel around their neck and had a blast!

I will ask Jon later to help with more pics – just an fyi – on my hubby’s site – the pumpkins we are carving are the ones I grew! I also roasted some pumpkin seeds – hard to get away from that crazy pumpkin pulp – but yummy! I had a ton of tomatoes also!


White and Nerdy September 2, 2007

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We took our kids to go see Weird Al in concert at the Colorado State Fair. We had a lot of fun. That guy is a total genius! The kids had a lot of fun. Rachel stayed with grandparents so it was good time with the oldest kids. I think my favorite songs are White and Nerdy and the ones based on Billy Joel songs.

We also saw an 80 foot dive into a ten foot swimming pool, pig races, sting rays, tigers, sand sculpture based on Alice in Wonderland and a spray painting artist. The kids had a lot of fun and we did not get home until 12 on a school night which they thought was pretty cool. It got me thinking how long can I get away with going to concerts with my kids. I hope they will always want me to go. Probably not but we enjoyed the time together none the less. 🙂


Peanut free and hating it! July 27, 2007

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I just learned that our local school is a nut free school. (insert your corny jokes here.) Kids cannot bring in any kind of peanut butter or snack that has been processed in a plant that manufactures peanuts.

I find myself getting a little upset about this. I mean, I am allergic to certain nuts and if I eat them I don’t die or anything but break out in some fabulous looking welts all over, so I certainly understand the sensitivity. But if your kid is going to die if they eat nuts – home school them. Don’t send them to public school to affect everyone else.

Peanut butter sandwiches are great according to me! They are fast to make, healthy (yes, I use the real peanut butter with no sugar or corn syrup) and cheap. Now I cannot make them for my kids? Are you serious? A lot of breads nowadays have the “has been manufactured in a plant that manufactures peanuts” so I cannot pack that! No granola bars or certain crackers. So what am I supposed to do? I do what my neighbor says most moms do – the school lunch program.

Now this ticks me off! Not only is this expensive, but I have no idea what my kids are eating and most things are not that healthy. Some are but those are the choices.

When are we going to stop being so sensitive – what about the people that have milk allergies, chocolate and/or wheat? Do we ban those from schools? What about when these children get to be adults and get into the workforce? They are so used to having everything peanut free that they demand it in the workplace too? What about bees? Are you going to ban bees from coming into the schoolyard?

Ahh. The main thing I am upset about is how this affects my 5 year old. That is all the kinds of sandwich that she will eat. What do I have her eat while at school? Sorry to rant – just had a bee in my bonnet.


Update July 10, 2006

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Just a quick update to let you know we officially have a scooter! Rachel is doing awesome – she is moving everywhere! She is not going up the stairs yet (thank God!). She does this crab crawl and moves fast! The only downside is now that with all the physical therapy she is doing and sees different therapists all the time at CHOC – she is fearful around new people.
Seth is starting guitar lessons today and Audrey is starting ballet. I will let you know how that went.
I am doing good – I have been walking and beginning the running training every day almost. I have been eating healthier but have not noticed a weight loss yet. I can tell my body is changing shape a bit – it definately feels stronger. I am thinking I have to give up my diet soda. I have one can a day. Maybe I switch to every other day. What do you think?
Thanks for the support and the tips everyone has given me.


Here’s a picture of our new puppy! May 31, 2006

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New Puppy 2 (4/4/2006)
Originally uploaded by nickel.

Sorry it took so long, but here’s a picture finally of our new puppy taken in the first couple of days we had her in early April. Her name’s Gigi and she is sooo much bigger now!