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Good to the last drop.

Next – snacks :) January 4, 2010

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Hello! Wow – 25 hits in one day! I have not had that in a long time!

So – in the last post – I talked about what we have for dinner.

I thought in the next few days – I would share what we do for breakfast, lunch and dessert. Today, it is snacks.

I feel like the kids are constantly snacking. I try to get them to fill up on nutrient rich foods.

Here are what we eat most days:
dried fruit
fruit leather
Annie’s bunny grahams
Pirate Booty
String cheese
Honey wheat pretzels

I am very picky about what I serve my kids. I know it and they are picky about what they choose to eat. Seriously, do you know what GMO’s are? Do some research – it is kind of freaky to learn that they are in most traditional kid snacks.

Then, you might ask – how are MY kids going to make the transition? Well, with anything – start slow. Take away those Goldfish crackers – I know they say they are all natural but NOPE! Replace with Annie’s Bunny Grahams. So much yummier and healthier.

Today – I have my dehydrator going. I love that thing. Most weeks it is in use! Today, I am making dried pineapple and homemade fruit leather. Am I a domestic goddess? NOPE. I thrive on simplicity!

Fruit Leather

Any fruit puree (throw thawed frozen fruit in the blender)
Same parts applesauce. (no sugar added)

(Example – 6 cups to 6 cups is what I used)

Mix and throw in the dehydrator. Sits for 12 hours.

Dried pineapple

Big can of pineapple pieces (bought at Costco for $4.50)
Drain (save liquid if you want homemade jerky marinade or use for fried rice chicken marinade)
Put on dehydrator trays!
Let sit for 12 hours.

Uses about $1 for electricity.


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