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Grocery challenge January 3, 2010

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Hello all! Thought I would try my hand at blogging again.

We are trying to cut costs in the grocery area. I am trying to be realistic about my budget – we do eat organic whenever possible. I am feeding 5 total.

My goal this month is to spend $600. I have already spent $375 mainly because I menu plan for the month and know what we will be having. The only thing left is to buy cheese, fruits, veggies and milk.

Here is what we are having this week (fruits and veggies are sides):
Sunday: Egg burritos
Monday: Chicken Enchilada Casserole
Tuesday: Homemade bean burritos
Wednesday: Corn Chowder (lots of veggies – kids have NO idea)
Thursday: Meatballs and Mac and Cheese/Salad
Friday: Cereal/yogurt with granola – kid choice
Saturday: Taquitos
Sunday: Fried Rice (using up all veggies that did not get eaten)

I am trying to use what I don’t spend on groceries towards our travel budget!


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