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Gardening July 31, 2008

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Hello! Last year I did post some pics up here as to what I was growing. I will try to do that before my trip.

I am really enjoying gardening this year. I read a book recommended to me by my good friends Joel and Erin (who also happen to be family!) called Animal Vegetable Miracle. I highly recommend this book – it gave me a new viewpoint as to how I can improve our eating by eating more locally produced items. I am trying to grow more of our own food but we have such a short growing season here!

We have enjoyed lots of zucchini – I have made it into bread with much success. My son even bragged to my sensei that I made the best bread – she requested that I make her some – so I did. She enjoyed it! I even had our neighborhood babysitter say we could pay her with zucchini bread instead of money! Ha – what a deal!

Where has the summer gone? It feels like it slipped by. We have had a guest for the last month – our son’s friend from California. We have also had lots of guests in addition to him – it has been such a blessing to hang out with so many friends and family! The kids have also enjoyed lots of different camps.

I have been trying to be better about doing things I enjoy after kids go to bed – so I have read many books this summer as well as some late nights stamping. We have also enjoyed getting together with neighbors and just hanging out!

Well, I am off to bed after an exhausting day! I hope you are all doing awesome!

I have about 50 tomatoes that will be ready mid-August.