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What’s going on? May 16, 2008

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Hello! No more conspiracies I promise. 🙂

I am recovering from a hysterectomy that was done Monday the 12th. I am fine – just sore.

Previous to my surgery, I tested for my blue belt and passed. Now is the level where we get to start fighting each other. We need to get sparring gear and everything! I am hoping the doctor will clear me for going back to karate soon. I miss it.

The girls started gymnastics and they love it! Seth started drums. School is winding down – our last day is May 28th. We have a busy summer planned – lots of activities to do but I left some down time also.

I planted more vegetables – I will let you know how I did. I am trying sun sugar tomato, bush tomato, basil, cilantro (which all the neighbor boys love to eat), pumpkins, yellow squash, zucchini, red onion, green onions, cucumbers and purple bell peppers. I am trying the last six in an Earth Box. Supposedly, you get a better product and more from growing it in there. My red onions are starting to come up. I also planted near the wall – baby carrots, butter lettuce, okra, bush beans and broccoli – but the dog got into the dirt where I planted the seedlings so I am not sure what is going to come up!

We plan on doing more hiking this summer and more exploring around town. We discovered recently while going out to eat, that our kids have forgotten how to do that. (It was like watching a very bad car accident – it was so violent but you just watched anyway cause it was so freaky!) We have been cooking A LOT at home so the necessity of going out to eat had gone away. But we decided to use some free coupons to a place we liked before and our normal kids turned psycho. So, this summer we will be practicing good restaurant manners. 🙂

I need to go take my meds so that I can feel better. Hope all is well. 😉