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A little concerning April 9, 2008

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Hello all. Awhile ago, I received what I thought at first to be a funny email from a friend. It was about a major talk show lady being the anti-christ. (I do not want the name up so that it will not come up in a search). Then I saw a YouTube video about a new church starting by this person. I am a previous viewer like a lot of you but please google the real names and do the research.

Okay, enough of the doom and gloom. Darling hubby of mine took me on a fantastic date the other night to the Melting Pot. Awhile ago I posted a question asking if it was worth the money. We did the 3 course meal plus a free coupon for the fourth dessert course – It was so good. He was totally into cooking the meat – me not so much – I loved the veggies! Good thing those were never ending! Go register online for the ClubFondue and you get coupons – the last one saved us $14! Thanks honey for an awesome date!

We are doing well here – I am looking forward to school being out soon! I tested in early March for my orange belt and testing in May for my blue belt. You should see my round house kicks – watch out Danielson!

I slowed down on the cooking thing because I started working at our local 5 star 5 diamond hotel. I worked in an old English pub that was rebuilt here in the states! It was fun but not worth the money and the toll it took on the family by me being gone. At least I know I am still hireable! Hope to post more regularly but I need to go walk to pick up the kids!