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Gotta love Texas! August 28, 2007

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Courtesy of my Snapple lid, Texas is the only state to accept absentee ballots from outer space.

If anyone finds the new Snapple Iced Green tea made with white tea leaves decaf green apple flavor at the supermarket – can you let me know? I can only find this yummy stuff at 7/11. Thanks!


I love Craigslist August 20, 2007

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I have become a junkie. I check it all day every day. I have gotten a lot of awesome stuff for super cheap. I am currently in the process of trying to get our snow stuff for cheap. I have recently started selling as well.

I also frequent garage sales every Friday and Saturday. Yes, you heard it here Californians, they have garage sales on Fridays and a ton of people come! Saturdays are sloppy seconds. Nothing really happens here on Sundays. Thats an adjustment. No one can buy any alcohol, car dealerships are not open and a lot of other businesses close.

Update on my garden – I took out my sad cucumber. I tried planting snap peas and butter head lettuce in its place. I will let you know if I get anything before snow happens. 🙂


I am a gardener! August 13, 2007

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Little gardenWell, totally a beginner. It is kind of fun though. I am growing cilantro, yellow and red peppers, basil, tomatoes, cucumbers and pumpkins. I think I had skipped science class when I learned about boy and girl flowers and how bees help pollinate the flowers. Boy am I learning that now! The cilantro is flowering because I am allowing it to go to seed to get more cilantro plants.


I thought I had failed as an amateur gardener when I have been growing these plants for 6 weeks and no signs of coming fruit or vegetables. Well, after a lovely google search and learning that there is a whole reproduction cycle for plants, it reminded me of that song from Grease 2 “Reproduction” tag line – “Where does the pollen go?”


Now I know the difference between boy and girl plants and I show my kids every day. (Really, I am totally serious) They are still at the stage where they are excited to see the difference in the plants everyday. Pumpkin vines can grow up to 6 inches in one day! I had some other plants with it but had to transplant them so the pumpkin could take over. Right now it looks like I will have about 10 pumpkins. I have used my cilantro in recipes and as a fragrance for my kitchen sink disposal. The peppers are still developing and I have high hopes that I will at least get one before our first frost. I have about 25 tomatoes growing but the picture shows my biggest so far. The heat killed my cucumber and I did not know that it would grow better on a trelis. Oh, maybe next year.


Today the kids started school. They really enjoyed it and have already started learning some French! They know greetings and some colors. I took the baby to a pediatrician out here and she has the official seal that she does not need anymore physical therapy! So excited – doing the happy dance! So excited in fact, I made Jon take me and the kids out to eat to celebrate!

Here’s a couple more pics:

our house

I have been sleeping! August 4, 2007

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Just wanted to give you an update: We figured out why Rachel kept getting out of bed – she liked the security of being closed in because when she was sleeping in her port-a-crib she would sleep just fine. So, in her big girl bed – we just created the same type of environment. She can climb in and out but it is a little harder to do at night.

She also is completely potty trained. Thank goodness because I kept forgetting the diaper bag anyway. 🙂

We have started a family karate class through the YMCA here. Rachel is in childcare while the rest of us learn karate. We go twice a week and Jon and I are the only adults. That’s okay though because the look on the kids faces is great when we are kicking and punching with them.

We are getting ready for school to start in one week. Two of the three will be in school. The school has an ice cream social the family goes to to meet the teachers and put your school supplies in your desk. S will be learning French this year – I think they get it three to four days a week and then A will get it once a week. Don’t worry – I have plenty of stuff to keep me busy! I think this year I will be a professional volunteer for 6 different places/clubs. Daisy scouts, AWANA, hospital, PTO, and church stuff . I also have recommitted to get back in shape. I have met with a trainer to get my abs back in pre-baby shape and joining yoga and pilates classes thru the YMCA.

We have been finding lots of fun stuff to do around town. Today we went to a BBQ cook off and got to vote on the best BBQ. The whole family loved it! I even ate a bunch of BBQ on a bone. (Normally I don’t eat that stuff) We went to a fountain downtown that plays music on the hour that the kids can play in the water while a teen battle of the bands were happening. All next to a playground to play after. What a fun day! I think Jon and I are even going on a date tomorrow!