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I am a cleaning lady! February 28, 2007

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After having a housecleaner for the last year, I have officially started cleaning my house again. I recently was laid off so gone are the luxuries!

We are doing a lot of work for our upcoming move. Everything needs to be clean and organized. Hopefully, we can get the house ready for showings in the next two weeks. If you want to buy a house from us – let us know!

Audrey’s birthday is this weekend – we are having a tea and makeover party for her and her five friends. She is turning five!

Well, that is a short update – hope you all are great!


2 Responses to “I am a cleaning lady!”

  1. Joel Says:

    You’re moving?? When, where, and why?

  2. Shannon Says:

    We are moving to Colorado Springs area in the near future. We are putting the house up for sale as soon as I can get my place clean. In a perfect scenario – we would sell the house but be able to have S finish the school year. BUT also, be there in time to get A registered in kindergarten in her new school.

    The answer for why is a long one and I might have to make a whole post on it. 🙂

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