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I love CJ! January 29, 2007

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Went to my old work last night because I had been craving their food. (That is what happens when all you eat is that food for over three years!) We took all the kids but equipped them with their Leapsters. (learning software) It was kind of like a date!

Anyway, food took a long time. From working there – I knew what happened. The food was ready but the pizza was not. Earlier, I had seen a manager that I knew from Rancho (where I worked – we were in Corona) The server told him about the pizza and he comped it. My food was sitting there for awhile I could tell because of the hard tortilla and limp salad. The server noticed that I was not eating it and said she would have him comp that also. (it was really fine – I was actually used to eating it that way because of all my time as a server – I never ate food right away because it was always busy when it was ready) I was actually just full. She said he wanted to buy us dessert. Yummy – carrot cake! To go of course!

Jon had the prime rib. He said it was yummy! When it came time for the bill – it was all comped. This was at least a $65 bill! We left a nice tip – $30. But yeah – I told Jon he had his cake and ate it too because he was able to have a nice meal, he pleased his wife and it was totally cheap!


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