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So much TV to watch and so little time… January 14, 2007

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I am about to go downstairs and watch two hours of 24. Tomorrow there is another 2 hours. (Thank God for Tivo) 🙂

The Unit is starting and American Idol. Then there is Grey’s Anatomy, Lost and Heroes. Sometimes, The Office and My Name is Earl. I am so glad we cancelled Netflix. No time!

What are you watching? Or what is your Tivo getting for you?


One Response to “So much TV to watch and so little time…”

  1. Erin Says:

    We love Battlestar Gallactica! It is the best show on TV. If you haven’t started watching it you need to rent the first part and catch up! Veronica Mars is also good. I decided not to watch American Idol anymore because Taylor won last year – that just didn’t seem right. I still watch Gilmore Girls even though the main writer left and it isn’t as good anymore. My Name is Earl has hooked me in even though it started as a Joel show. That’s what we are watching!

    Hey – I hear you about TiVo! I wouldn’t be watching any tv if it wasn’t for that!

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