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Christmas aftermath December 27, 2006

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I love Christmas but not dealing with the afterwards. Now with three kids and three HUGE piles of presents – now comes the fun part of taking it out of the box (at least 5 minutes of twisting or turning ties) and putting it away. Now I know I should count my blessings that the kids are still young and not asking for the expensive Ipods, cell phones, DVD players and all that fun stuff. But they have HUGE toys with lots of little parts. So not only do I need to find space to put these things but also find storage for the tiny parts all in one area so the toy does not get forgotten about.

I am finding that as I get older I really cannot live in clutter. So while my house looks like Christmas threw up everywhere – my stress level is elevated because I cannot even sit on any of my couches. Once they get cleaned off – then comes the weeks of living with big cardboard boxes cluttering my garage because there is only so much the garbage man can take.

I am done complaining of that.

I tried some new recipes for this Christmas season. They are:

Pumpkin Pie cake (good but really sweet)
Soda Cracker Almond Roca (yummy)
Banana Sour cream bread (the best bread recipe you will ever taste)
Pumpkin bread (a close second to the above)

I also received several cookbooks so I will let you know what I try out of those. When Jon gets home from seeing Arlen – I will have him help me link the recipes.

I hope you all had a great Christmas. I hope you had fun spending time with your family and friends. Happy birthday to Jesus! I will try to remember to be thankful for all that I have as I try to put it all away!


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