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Girl’s post December 8, 2006

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Boys you have been warned if you continue…

This week I have been watching some older kids that live down the street from us. It has been pretty fun except when it came to homework for three kids. Then I saw into my future what was coming. 🙂

Anyways, these kids talked my head off about junior high life and everything. The girl I was watching was in 6th grade. She was telling me lots of boy stuff. In the middle of that conversation, she whispers to me, “I became a woman.” I instantly freak out internally. My mind went to the sex talk and what to do. (I have not had to deal with that yet – you see) So I said, “What?” She says it again.

I have no idea what to do. I want to be that cool confindant that all the experts say older kids should have but also want to be respectful of her mom and my Christian beliefs. So I decide to play dumb. “What do you mean?” She said, “I started my period.” “Oh.” I stammer out. I give an audible outward exhale. And then in all my inifite wisdom I say, “Uh, you know about that stuff right?” She says she does.

Boy, I think I rated worse than my father on that one. I seriously had no idea how to handle that. That was a wake up call – I need to practice keeping my cool.

Later I started thinking about when I would say I became a woman. I do not think it was the day I started my period – I was way too young. It would probably be the day I had my first baby and realized I was going to be responsible for someone other than myself.

So, I am done watching the kids for the week. The mom told me the kids had lots of fun and she would use me again when the next time their regular sitter was on vacation. So I can continue to gets lots of practice for when my kids come to me with that stuff. 🙂


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