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So we went to Arizona November 8, 2006

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My in-laws, sister and brother-in laws (oh, Jon’s family that I joined 7 1/2 years ago) all went to the Grand Canyon this past weekend. I had no idea I was as afraid of heights as I was. Enoyed time as an adult.
We came back to three sick kids and now Jon and I are sick. I know I am sick when I don’t feel like cleaning up. (Normally I am a little weird about that). So please pray for us! Seth is the one who feels the best so I almost had him cook some Hamburger Helper except no one is really eating except for him. Fun times.
Rachel started cruising the furniture, which is VERY exciting. It means walking is close. I am hoping by Christmas – that would be the best present ever. Seth is off track and Audrey has not been to school this week. So everyone is watching lots of tv. Jon already passed Guitar Hero 2. At 11pm ish last night he finished the last song and I said to him – “Walk away from the guitar.” He took yesterday off to play it. You have officially been updated. XXOO.


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