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So our baby is crawling (and other info) September 11, 2006

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She is crawling! Not take off and worry where she went crawling but a good start.  Before this, her primary means of transportation was scooting.  She is standing with assistance now.  We are so excited to see the progress our baby has made.  We have therapy four times a week but it is definately working.  I tell you – Rachel is making me want to celebrate!  Her second birthday party is going to be huge – mark your calendars now for the weekend after April 13th.  Please keep on praying for her though – she still needs to walk! Oh, and talking would be good too!

I went to the Women of Faith conference this past weekend – boy did that rock!  I volunteered to be a box mover and lifted boxes about 10-15 pounds up and down the stairs of the Pond for two free tickets up front!  I was sore the next day but it was worth it.

Soccer games has started! Both the older kids are in it so Jon is Mr.Amazing getting all the kids moving on Saturdays while I am at my running group. (which is still going well.)

Boy Scouts, guitar and ballet are also keeping us busy.  Audrey starts school tomorrow.  Life with three is NOT boring.  Oh yeah, I am still trying to squeeze in work also.  🙂

Where did the summer go?  To quote a Dan and Lee post from last year – California summer is freakin busy!  (I only remember that because it was up so long!)  (XXOO to the Petgarts!)

Anyways, hope everyone is awesome. Hope to see you soon.


So we went to Colorado September 1, 2006

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Sometime in the last year (I can’t say when) we went to Colorado to check out the area.  That place is beautiful.  We saw several areas that we liked.  I am so ready to move.  My hubby is not.

So did they really mean that our employers read our blogs?  I am working right now but um, I am on break.

Training is going well.  Mad props to Kristy who has consistently been running the whole time during our Saturday runs.  I am more run then walk for a few minutes because of my asthma.  I think I might have to own an inhaler again.  But I am putting in about 25 miles a week.  I do my runs Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday but still take my dog out daily for a walk and run depending on how sore I am. This Saturday we are up to 7 miles.  We start at 6:30 am and run adjacent to the park in Anaheim Hills by the park.  You can see me from the freeway if you are up that early and would love to drive the 91. 😉