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My soap box August 22, 2006

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Okay – I never talk about politics but two things have gotten under my skin today. The first is the minimum wage changing. Now I worked for minimum wage for a lot of my life and I understand its importance in amount. But that raise in wage is crazy. That impacts all of us – from the price we pay for bread to our entertainment. What about tax decreases for all minimum wage employees? What about free college or something to help improve your self to get a better job? Seriously, as long as the increase is passed on to us as consumers, the government can pass whatever they want.

The next being some bill that might be passed. I recveived one of those mass emails where it asks you to call in regarding SB1437 . Now ever since the Bonsai Kitten story where I got sucked in – I go to my wonderful to check it out. But it is real. Here is the email:

Hey everyone,
This is soooo easy to do-it takes only 1 minute–I just did it!
Please do this for our future’s sake!
Just follow the directions at the bottom of this email!
thank you!
God bless you !

this phone call literally takes 30 seconds … but it voices an opinion about a bill that is heading to the Governor’s desk for approval to take all mention of “Mom and Dad” out of our children’s textbooks … because they are not “politically correct” anymore …. they want some of the stories in our children’s TEXTBOOKS to be about “Janie and her two Mommies” … and they don’t want Boy’s Basketball in the highschools to be called that because a transsexual student might be offended .. our schools are already in a financial crisis (let alone a moral one!) .. and the money it will take to re-write all the textbooks would be criminal to spend … we need smaller classroom numbers not textbooks that eliminate Moms and Dad … please take the time to make the call …

Please take a few moments to leave a message for the Governor with the instructions below. It takes less than a minute. This is our California Senate in action.

Everyone has their opinion. It seems our State Legislators never care to ask what that opinion is. This is your chance to voice an opinion, whatever it may be.

The situation is this: Bill SB 1437, was passed and sent to the governor.
It requires all textbooks to be rewritten and reissued at a cost that our school system, not to mention taxpayers, can little afford. They will indoctrinate schoolchildren with a homosexual agenda. The bill requires that all new textbooks (K-12) highlight homosexuals and eliminate all references to “mom” and “dad.” Instead, they could be referred to as “sperm donors” and “sperm receivers.” This bill is ridiculous, it is expensive and it singles out a small, special interest group. We do not need elementary school children exposed to this nonsense. Can you imagine:

School proms (Prom “kings” and “queens” could not be gender-specific) Gender-specific sports (“Boys Basketball” would be “discriminatory” against
Cheerleading (Can you say “transsexual cheerleaders”?)

The governor is doing a phone poll. Urge him to veto this bill. It’s very easy, you don’t even have to talk to anyone. Just follow the instructions

Please call the governor’s office at 1-916-445-2841. Th e phone recording will ask:

A. Do you want this message in English?”

yes, press 1

B. Is this in regards to a legislation bill?

yes, press 2

C. Is the bill SB1437?

yes, press 1

D. Are you in favor of this legislation?

no, press 2

It takes less than 30 seconds to make the call — and to express your opinion. Please feel free to pass this message along to your California friends
Here is what the law reads:

Existing law prohibits instruction or school sponsored activities that reflect adversely upon persons because of their race, sex,
color, creed, handicap, national origin, or ancestry. Existing law prohibits the State Board of Education and the governing board of any
school district from adopting textbooks or other instructional materials that contain any matter that reflects adversely upon
persons because of their race, sex, color, creed, handicap, national origin, or ancestry.”

What does SB1437 change?
“This bill would revise the list of characteristics included in this provision to include race or ethnicity, gender, disability,
nationality, sexual orientation, religion, and occupation. This bill also would make technical, nonsubstantive changes to
those provisions of existing law.”

Should we really know if one of our founding fathers was gay? (I have no idea if they were – just asking a ?) Go ahead – talk amonst yourselves. Or maybe I will just talk to myself as usual. 🙂


One Response to “My soap box”

  1. Shane Adams Says:

    First off, I’m more concerned why we would have to “press 1 for the message in English”. That’s just said, but off topic and discussion for another day.

    So I will be honest by saying I would love to spend a lot of time researching both sides so I can make up my mind based on all the facts. However, I just don’t have the time so I’m shooting from my hip here. The e-mail posted above is a beautiful work of art. Quite common for political agendas, it seems to sprinkle facts here and there with overblown, out of proportion consequences (example: can’t call it boys basketball because a transgender student might be offended. Did I miss something? What under-age teenager has ever had a sex change operation? I’d have to see facts on just how large of a population we’re talking about here before I would make a wild statement like that)

    I give the writer props for job well done to help influence people by fear. I didn’t fall for it, but it did get my interest up to read the actual text of the bill myself and then think about what the real world impacts would be.

    Getting to the crux of the issue, do our kids really need to know the sexual orientation of historical figures? I’d say it’s not that relevant one way or another. Kids don’t need to know if someone was hetero OR homo, what does that have to do with what the contributed to the world? However, in social studies, in the subject of civil rights/equality/etc, I don’t see any harm in the idea that there are different kinds of relationships that exist, one is no more wrong or right than the other. The school shouldn’t have any “opinion” on the matter or push a certain agenda – they’re there to just teach facts.

    Look, I’m tired of everyone thinking that they have a right to never be offended. You can’t appease everybody, it’s that simple. I’m not saying that harassment is ok, but people need to grow up, grow some skin, and realize the world is full of people that may or may not think like you.

    That being said, if anyone was offended by anything I wrote, deal with it. 🙂

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