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Update July 10, 2006

Filed under: Family,Rant — Shannon @ 1:56 pm

Just a quick update to let you know we officially have a scooter! Rachel is doing awesome – she is moving everywhere! She is not going up the stairs yet (thank God!). She does this crab crawl and moves fast! The only downside is now that with all the physical therapy she is doing and sees different therapists all the time at CHOC – she is fearful around new people.
Seth is starting guitar lessons today and Audrey is starting ballet. I will let you know how that went.
I am doing good – I have been walking and beginning the running training every day almost. I have been eating healthier but have not noticed a weight loss yet. I can tell my body is changing shape a bit – it definately feels stronger. I am thinking I have to give up my diet soda. I have one can a day. Maybe I switch to every other day. What do you think?
Thanks for the support and the tips everyone has given me.


One Response to “Update”

  1. Erin Says:

    Shannon, Joel gave up soda when he lost all his weight. It worked really well for him. Good luck!

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