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Today is the BIG date June 25, 2006

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While I was thinking about what I wanted for my birthday from my parents, I was thinking about maybe registering with Weight Watchers. Then I was thinking that I really do not have the time to go to meetings and the real reason I wanted to go was because I wanted to be accountable for my goal.
So, I decided I would do a weight loss goal on my website and let my friends and family help me be accountable. Then instead for my birthday, I would ask them for a nice coffee maker and coffee bean grinder instead.
Here it is – my current weight is 148. I know it is not bad but I have enough rolls from my three children that I look much larger. I want to lose 15 fat pounds. My goal is to get myself exersizing everyday and to give up (mostly) sweets. Boy, not working as a waitress has really shown me how much exercise I was getting there! I will try to post weekly about how I am doing. Thanks in advance for your support!


Wine Tasting (6/3/06) June 8, 2006

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Wine Tasting (6/3/06)
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Wine tasting this past weekend was so much fun. I discovered after trying a lot of wine – that I am just not a wine girl. We did the Go Grape tour which had a preset winerey tour of four area wineries. My favorite was Wilson Creek’s Almond Champagne – picked it up at Costco. Yummy! The group you see in the picture is two other couples we have become close friends with who also have three kids exactly the same age as ours.
Jon was enjoying drinking the rest of my wine so he had LOTS of fun! We stayed the night thanks to Roger at the Welk Resort in Escondido. It was great – I was expecting a retirement center but it was pretty happening with all the extras it offered = of course everything closed at 9pm. Well, unless we wanted to see Forever Patsy Cline – yes, I am serious.
The next day, we spent the day playing air hockey, fooseball and ping pong and headed back mid afternoon to pick up the kids. I have not felt like an adult for more than 24 hours (non-parent) in a long time! It was great – sign me up again.
Everything else is fine – tomorrow we start physical therapy at CHOC finally. Rachel is making slow progress – but any is good!
Audrey is out of school and Seth is almost out. You would think summer would slow us down but most of it is already full!
My job is going well. I know more now than a month ago but still have a far way to go.
Hope to see you soon!