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All’s well May 13, 2006

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Rachel has had four in-home therapies now. She is doing awesome. Her teacher, Kim, said she has made 3 months worth of progress in those four sessions. It is really cool to watch her stretch her body to get things whereas before, she would have just sat there.

My first official week working at home went well. I have a very steep learning curve but my manager(s) are okay with that. I spent a lot of time just reading over emails without really accomplishing anything. I also struggled with when to work. I was hoping that I could squish 2-3 hours of work in the day and do the rest in the evening. That did not happen – I ended up having several late nights.

Seth’s kindergarten class gave us mother’s a Mother’s Day tea. It was cool – they sang songs, served us a snack and presented us with a gift while telling the class and other mothers what was the biggest reason they loved their mom. Well, those of you who know me know that I am not very girly nor cry over any little thing, but this brought me to tears. He read, ” The thing I love the most about my mom is that she now works from home.” Then he added, “so we could play with her more.” I talked to him about this in the car on the way home and asked him how he decided that was the biggest reason and he said,” Well, I missed you before and I am so glad you are home now.” I tell ya, that was a hige mother’s day present right there.

Audrey was going to be a cheerleader for the city because the first flyer that came home said the age started at 4 but then they sent a revised flyer home that said five. She was so bummed. So we signed both her and Seth up for AYSO soccer. Seth is also starting piano lessons soon. He plays “Jump” on the piano now – both hands (what is that called?)

Anyway, all is well. Hope all is well with you folks!


One Response to “All’s well”

  1. Erin Says:

    I am so happy for you that you can work from home. It really makes me think about going back to work when I just want to stay home with Holly.

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