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CHOC’s diagnosis May 4, 2006

Filed under: Family — Shannon @ 1:47 pm

Hey all! I am hugely relieved that CHOC has diagnosed Rachel with third child disease – stems from spending too much time in a car seat shuttling other children to various activities and not spending too much time not sitting in something. The physical therapist said she does not have hypotonia. Her muscles are underdeveloped and she will get physical therapy for about six months. She said if the county has diagnosed Rachel with hypotonia – get the free in-home physical therapy anyways.

We started that on Tuesday and she has progressed very well. Yeah!

I am starting my new job a little early – I have a packet in front of me and I have no idea what to do with it. Sounds like a new job, huh? I have to figure it out on my own and see if I can come up with the right answer – I am being tested to see how resourceful I am.

I will let you know how well I do!


4 Responses to “CHOC’s diagnosis”

  1. Lee Says:

    I am so happy to hear that rachel is doing well! I am so proud of you and your new job!

  2. Heather #2 Says:

    That’s AWESOME!!!! I’m happy to hear that things already are looking better with Rachel. Good luck with navigating your way through the new job!!!!

  3. Monique Says:

    This is wonderful news! Best wishes in your new work endeavor!

  4. Erin Says:

    Rachel is just proving what an amazing little girl she is and that she doesn’t need fancy things to grow. Just time and love, both of which she has.

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