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Boys – this is not a post for you! March 27, 2006

Filed under: Rant — Shannon @ 2:58 pm

I have warned you stop reading. Girls can continue.

So I have been sick this weekend and today. I have also been having my period. Not a fun time. Today, I decided I should go to the doctor to get checked out and needed to leave fast because they fit me in between already scheduled appointments. I have Audrey and Rachel with me so I pack everything I need for them in a hurry. I am driving down the freeway when I get that feeling – you know what it is huh girls… I suddenly remember that I have my period because something is about to overflow. I start to panic – I do not have my purse – I have my diaper bag. There is normally nothing mommy related in the diaper bag. I start feeling around toward the bottom and I feel two tampons! I feel glee! I feel triumphant! And the first thing I think is, “The boys may be excited about Snakes on a Plane but this girl is more excited about tampons in a bag!”


One Response to “Boys – this is not a post for you!”

  1. Lee Says:

    That was funny..Thank goodness for the hidden tampons! I hope your feeling better!

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