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Craziness and a broken toe March 2, 2006

Filed under: Family,Rant — Shannon @ 11:06 am

Hello all. We are in the midst of travel season right now. We are planning a trip for Audrey’s birthday to go to the cabin with some of the kids friends and their parents. As soon as we get back, Jon has a 4 day business trip and the kids and I are doing some traveling of our own. Since I am one to never sit still, I know my own fault, I knew if I stayed home with the kids for four long days with no relief, I would go crazy. So I decided to plan a road trip with the two older kids. My mom and dad will be watching the baby so we can go up the coast to San Fran area to see Holly (oh, and Joel and Erin).

On the way back down the coast, we are doing some fun sight seeing kind of stuff. I know my own sanity and although I know traveling with kids will be hard, doing fun activities will be good. So pray for us. I am also bringing some stuff to Joel and Erin that would be too expensive to ship.

As you can guess, planning for these trips and working is getting busy. I was so frantic yesterday, I was seriously running around – so much so I cracked my toe and ended up breaking it. I learned that there is really nothing to do when you break your toe when it is one of the middle ones – the only thing you can do is buddy wrap it. This helps it feel better or so they say. I am also supposed to stay off of it – hah!

Happy birthday Audrey! She will be 4 this weekend. Get better Seth – he’s been pretty sick for a few days now. (Thank goodness he is off track!) Say a prayer for Jon – he has to suck in his stomach for four whole days to fit in his old business clothes. (Now he can know what us ladies go through sometimes!) He was doing this hilarious routine late a few nights ago while trying on these clothes. They still fit, but they move what a little tummy he has to move up. While sucking in his stomach, he was pretending to meet his fellow collegues. Have you ever tried talking when sucking in your stomach? Pretty hard! He was funny. I told him I could show him the secret pregnancy button thing with a rubber band to give him more room, but he didn’t go for it. Maybe it doesn’t sound too manly.

Bye for now – Talk with you soon!



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