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I am so addicted to this March 31, 2006

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I admit I stayed up way too late last night enjoying season 1 of Grey’s Anatomy on DVD. What a great show.

I first heard about this show when the promo from the Super Bowl aired. I thought it sounded fun – so I had my Tivo get a season pass. Recently, while I was sick I got all caught up on the episodes from the Super Bowl until last Sunday. I had to get the first season. So I bought it. And boy I am so addicted. What crazy love triangles. I am in the middle of the last show from season one. Those of you who watch – what did I miss from the first part of season 2?

Holy cow! We also got caught up on Lost – who needs Netflix when all this great tv is on? Don’t get me wrong – I sort of miss having Netflix come but with all the shifts I am working – I just have time to catch up on tv. Aren’t you totally spoiled with skipping commercials!? I can’t remember the last time I watched live tv. Well, TTFN!


Boys – this is not a post for you! March 27, 2006

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I have warned you stop reading. Girls can continue.

So I have been sick this weekend and today. I have also been having my period. Not a fun time. Today, I decided I should go to the doctor to get checked out and needed to leave fast because they fit me in between already scheduled appointments. I have Audrey and Rachel with me so I pack everything I need for them in a hurry. I am driving down the freeway when I get that feeling – you know what it is huh girls… I suddenly remember that I have my period because something is about to overflow. I start to panic – I do not have my purse – I have my diaper bag. There is normally nothing mommy related in the diaper bag. I start feeling around toward the bottom and I feel two tampons! I feel glee! I feel triumphant! And the first thing I think is, “The boys may be excited about Snakes on a Plane but this girl is more excited about tampons in a bag!”


Snails March 22, 2006

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Okay, awhile ago I said how I loved spiders and I still do. But another weird thing that I like and cannot kill and will not teach my kids to kill are snails. I know they are a nuisance to your lawn and garden but I just love how goofy looking they are.

This morning I saw a baby snail about this small ——– . It was so cute. I love how their eyes go two different ways. The slime is a slight deterrant to me liking them but not enough to kill them.

I know I could probably research why they are so bad and learn not to like them – but today go out of your way to not step on a snail for me!


I need your help March 18, 2006

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Okay, I need your ideas. I am throwing a baby shower for my friend Shellie and it is on Earth Day. I am meeting with her tomorrow about what kind of things she wants and all that, but I thought it might be fun to do something different because of what day it is on.

Any ideas?


Rachel March 13, 2006

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Today we went to the doctor to check on her physical development. They had us go for x-rays because they think maybe her hips might be off which might explain why she is not crawling. We find out on Thursday – I will keep you updated.

I will be in Orange County this Tuesday, next Monday and Tuesday and the Brea location of where I work! Come by and see me!

Update: Rachel’s x-rays came back normal! Thanks for all your prayers.


Back home March 9, 2006

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I am back! We had a great time. It was a lot of driving! Apart from having a good time with the kids, I really enjoyed the independence. Normally, I am the passenger and do not really pay attention to how we get somewhere because Jon is just really good at navigating. So, I admit, I have let that skill slip. Armed with mapquest directions, I found my way around California. I had the hardest time with driving in San Francisco – I had to call Joel for help.

I really enjoyed seeing Joel and Erin and Holly. I will post some pictures when Jon gets home. She is so cute. Besides having some nice adult conversation, I enjoyed a homemade dinner of corn souffle (sp?) and cauliflower mashed potatoes. Two things I had never tried before – both quite good. I also took a shift with the baby in the middle of the night so Erin could sleep. I enjoyed that. Holding a newborn is so precious once your kids are past that! Don’t get me wrong, it’s precious when it is yours also, but you can enjoy it more because you know how fast it goes and you are not as sleep deprived.

On a girl note, it is funny how at least for me, vacation screws with my dieting mindset. I cannot tell you how much fried food I had while traveling, but lets just say I have a lot of work to do now that I am back.

I really missed Rachel. I got a funny call from my parents – they prefaced the call by saying that they love all my kids, which I know they do, but Rachel is the sweetest. It’s like no one truly believes me when I say she is the easiest baby in the world. Just a happy camper. I know that when she is older she will be the one to give me the hardest time, so to make me forgive her in advance – she is being easy now. Kind of like a seesaw behavior thing. I don’t know.

About the cabin, we had snow! I have actually never seen it snow – so it was quite fun. The kids also enjoyed sledding.

American Idol – Spoiler :

Can you believe who got voted off? I agree with the girls but the boys? I totally loved Gideon’s Sam Cooke sound. Why keep Bucky? It is not that I think he is horrible, because he is not, I just thought that Gideon should stay.

Well, back to laundry and all that fun! Jon will be home around midnight and I want the house to be clean. Isn’t that such a chick thing? I know that he could care less about coming home to a clean house but him being away is bringing out the June Cleaver in me.


Craziness and a broken toe March 2, 2006

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Hello all. We are in the midst of travel season right now. We are planning a trip for Audrey’s birthday to go to the cabin with some of the kids friends and their parents. As soon as we get back, Jon has a 4 day business trip and the kids and I are doing some traveling of our own. Since I am one to never sit still, I know my own fault, I knew if I stayed home with the kids for four long days with no relief, I would go crazy. So I decided to plan a road trip with the two older kids. My mom and dad will be watching the baby so we can go up the coast to San Fran area to see Holly (oh, and Joel and Erin).

On the way back down the coast, we are doing some fun sight seeing kind of stuff. I know my own sanity and although I know traveling with kids will be hard, doing fun activities will be good. So pray for us. I am also bringing some stuff to Joel and Erin that would be too expensive to ship.

As you can guess, planning for these trips and working is getting busy. I was so frantic yesterday, I was seriously running around – so much so I cracked my toe and ended up breaking it. I learned that there is really nothing to do when you break your toe when it is one of the middle ones – the only thing you can do is buddy wrap it. This helps it feel better or so they say. I am also supposed to stay off of it – hah!

Happy birthday Audrey! She will be 4 this weekend. Get better Seth – he’s been pretty sick for a few days now. (Thank goodness he is off track!) Say a prayer for Jon – he has to suck in his stomach for four whole days to fit in his old business clothes. (Now he can know what us ladies go through sometimes!) He was doing this hilarious routine late a few nights ago while trying on these clothes. They still fit, but they move what a little tummy he has to move up. While sucking in his stomach, he was pretending to meet his fellow collegues. Have you ever tried talking when sucking in your stomach? Pretty hard! He was funny. I told him I could show him the secret pregnancy button thing with a rubber band to give him more room, but he didn’t go for it. Maybe it doesn’t sound too manly.

Bye for now – Talk with you soon!