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Well, that one bit me in the butt February 24, 2006

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Today, while sitting at our table eating breakfast, Seth and I are talking about how he goes off track on Tuesday and he does not have any homework for a whole month. Audrey asks if she needs to go to school today and I reply no. She cheers. Seth says, “I want to stay home today.” After explaining that soon he will be able to do that I say to Audrey, “But while Seth is off you still have to go to school. No break for you!” She, very grown up for her age replies, “Mom, that is called teasing and we do not do that in our family.”

What is a mom to do? I said,”You got me there didn’t you!”

Nothing like a kid to keep you on your toes!


A new arrival on February 24th February 17, 2006

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Just a quick note that Joel and Erin are having a planned c-section on February 24th in the morning. It is a girl and her name as of right now is Holly but they want to see her first before they decide. Hopefully, I will get some pictures when that day comes around!


Teeth February 3, 2006

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Teeth are the most talked about subject at our home lately. Seth has two loose teeth and Rachel is getting some – finally. Rachel has a fever and leaky nose and is very grumpy. She is getting the bottom two at the same time. We have late teethers in this family. This is about the normal time that the other kids got some teeth. As soon as Rachel lets us see these new teeth, I will take a picture.

Seth has thought long and hard and has decided the tooth fairy is a guy. I have no idea why. We have talked a lot about him lately because a lot of his friends are losing their teeth. He asked how the tooth fairy gets all this money to give to kids – I said we pay for it in our taxes. Is that bad? When becoming a parent, I never thought really long about what I would say when approached with that subject! He also asked how the tooth fairy decides how much to give to each child and I told him that he gives the most for the first tooth because he is so excited to have a new customer and then a smaller amount after.

I was trying to remember back when I was a kid to think what I was told. I have no idea. The only cool thing I have planned is a special small pillow that they put it in and some gold fairy dust. It seems the going rate for a tooth is $1. What cool things did your parents do for the tooth fairy? Please respond, I miss hearing from you all.