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Cute story January 3, 2006

Filed under: Family — Shannon @ 11:53 am

As previously posted, we have been having some rough times with our eldest. Things have been getting better thanks to some different discipline techniques we are trying from Dr. Phil.

On Christmas Eve, Seth was very concerned that Santa would be bringing him coal because he knows he has been having some issues. As we were putting him to bed, he asked me yet again if Santa was going to bring him coal in his stocking. More reassurance was given and I walked out the door. He called out to me again as he walked out of his room. “Mom? If Santa gives me coal, that will be okay. I will just start a new rock collection.” As I looked into his eyes, we were both teary. I gave him a big hug and assured him again.

It reminded me to look for the silver lining in all situations. God bless children who speak the truth so plainly!


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