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Scrip now selling! January 27, 2006

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Hey all. If you need any gift cards, let us know because we are selling them and they benefit Audrey’s school. We have them to most any fast food and restaurant around town that is a chain. We also have them for Vons and Stater Brothers.


Can’t think of a title January 20, 2006

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I have enjoyed going to all of your blogs lately. Some of you need an update, eh?

I am in total agreement that Lost and 24 rock! I also started watching AI again. I know, guilty pleasure. Who else was totally freaked out about that guy that seriously looked like a chick? Did you crack up when the background music switched to the theme from “The Crying Game?”

I am officially working “full-time” now. I am working 5 nights a week Tuesday thru Saturday with the occasional double on Saturdays. Jon and I have some aggressive financial goals for the next year and my salary is flexible. The Victoria Gardens shopping center has taken a lot of business away from our restaurant. We are just not as busy as we used to be. Many of you have visited us and seen the growth (finally) around our house. We are expecting 3 new restaurants to open. They are rumored to be Applebee’s, Johnny Carino’s and On the Border. Have any ideas which one I should go to? I have heard several bad things about Applebee’s. I visited Johnny Carino’s website (I have never dined there) and they give a tenure bonus after one year! That is pretty unheard of in the restaurant industry. It is getting crazy getting to work at CJ! It takes me like 30 minutes to get 11 miles! To those of you who still remember the coffee store, I have not forgotten them, I just need to bring in more money than that right now.

Seth has become the scooter man. He does it every day after school. It is nice because I was worried before he would just be an inside kid and not too interested in playing with others. Now, he is off and playing around the cul-de-sac with the neighbors all the time. Jon and I have started to babysit one of his friends whose mom is a single parent and a flight attendant. We have him about 5 times a month.

Audrey just started gymnastics at her school. There is a program there that is called Tumblebus which is a mobile gymnastics studio. She loves is. She does it on Tuesdays before preschool and then they walk her to school. This allows me to volunteer at Seth’s school while my father-in-law watches Rachel.

Rachel just went for her 9 month check up and the doctor gave me that what for on her rolling over. Not something she managed to do before the check up. She needed to learn how to do it before she turned 10 months or they would send her to physical therapy. They said she was lazy. I know my daughter and she is not lazy. She is just compliant. She is happy to be wherever she is. She is sitting on her own and feeding herself. Anyway, we have forced the issue of rolling over and she mostly gets it. She still lands on her arm but she has learned to push herself over with enough force to go over her arm and then pull it out. The other two kids and most others learn to move there arm before they roll over. Hopefully, this will count to the doctor.

I have also been quite the social girl lately. I have made several new friends here in the IE. This was something I have not really tried to do – having better friends. I have always been okay with the ones I have had. I still love my friends in OC but it is also good to make friends that live a little closer I discovered. I joined a co-op for child care and that has been fun. We swap babysitting for Baby bucks which are good for one free hour of babysitting per kid. These are quite valuable considering that babysitting for three kids is about $15 an hour out here. Some new friends I have made have a husband that is in charge of motorcross and another the California speedway. Another one is in charge of distributing Jack Daniels around So cal. Party anyone? If only I had the weekends off!

J and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary. I know they call it the seven year itch but I am more in love with him than ever. I think I had the two year, three year, four year and five year itch but none so far. Having kids so fast has been quite an exciting ride, but I look forward to things starting to mellow out with all that. (yeah vasectomy!) Kids growing up has its challenges, but getting out of the baby stage is an achievement!

I look forward to hearing from you soon or seeing you soon! God’s blessings to you all!


Cute story January 3, 2006

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As previously posted, we have been having some rough times with our eldest. Things have been getting better thanks to some different discipline techniques we are trying from Dr. Phil.

On Christmas Eve, Seth was very concerned that Santa would be bringing him coal because he knows he has been having some issues. As we were putting him to bed, he asked me yet again if Santa was going to bring him coal in his stocking. More reassurance was given and I walked out the door. He called out to me again as he walked out of his room. “Mom? If Santa gives me coal, that will be okay. I will just start a new rock collection.” As I looked into his eyes, we were both teary. I gave him a big hug and assured him again.

It reminded me to look for the silver lining in all situations. God bless children who speak the truth so plainly!