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It is that time of year again! December 16, 2005

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No I am not talking about Christmas – not about New Year’s Eve – no I am talking about one of my favorite parts of starting a new year – finding out what color the DMV stickers will be for 2007. Yes, you heard it right. Every year I try to guess what color it will be. 2005 was yellow – 2006 is red – what color will 2007 be? I think green. What do you all think?

Oh, it is also Seth’s birthday on Sunday – a big 6 years. Where has that time gone? Jon also has a birthday coming. We are doing something crazy this year for Seth’s birthday party – a drop off party with 15 kids total and no parents. Mr. Science is coming and we are all going to learn about chemical reactions and make slime. Seth asked for no cake this year – just lots of my brownies. Sounds easy.

What is going on with me lately? I am busy like the rest of you – I am working 5 shifts a week now for the holidays. I recently got sucked into the world of ebay and found some good deals on a Dooney purse. It is orange! Rachel is 8 months old now and we are having so much fun. She is talking a little (baby talk) and sitting up. Well meaning people love to give me advice on why she is not more mobile – crawling and such. I say – Thank the Lord I do not having a crawling baby at Christmas time – my tree is safe. I know that it will come and not to stress over it. I am thankful that she loves to just sit and play and be content she is in the same room with her family. Audrey is still enjoying school and getting together with her girlfriends. We have playdates for her and her buddies two days a week. Sometimes she goes over there sometimes they come over here. It is a good break.

I am thinking about joining a parenting co-op. It is a system where you swap babysitting and get baby bucks. You have every one’s medical info and the president of the co-op checks out your home to make sure it is safe. I am very lucky to have gotten a spot because they have not accepted new members for 3 years and they only opened two spots. I want to join because I want to volunteer in Seth’s classroom but cannot because of Rachel and her nap time. Hopefully, I will be able to at the beginning of the year. I started carpooling with another mom for dropping off Seth at school. I love only driving there 2 days a week.

We are making Turkish Delight instead of cookies this year. Doesn’t look too yummy but the kids, who are really into LW and TW, really want to make it.

What is the happs with Seth? Oh, we are having a rough patch with him right now. He is really lacking empathy for his fellow humans. I am really struggling with keeping patient and loving with him. Being a good parent is hard – prayers would be great.

If I do not see you, please have a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year’s Eve.


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