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A tale of two funny things December 7, 2005

Filed under: Rant — Shannon @ 3:01 pm

Today, two funny things happened. The first being that two stray dogs got into our garage and were playing with our recycled cans, tossing them back and forth. They left with a Dr. Pepper can. That is something you do not see everyday when walking into your garage.

The second being that Jon got a bill from the lab saying that we owe money because the sperm count check from his vasectomy was denied from our insurance – the reason – because it said it was from a female.

Now I know if I were Jon, Joe, Rich or Jason I could make this a lot funnier – but I just wanted to make everyone smile instead of role around hysterically on the ground while you were supposed to be working.

Update: My neighbor was caring for the dogs until their owner could be found and we heard today that they belong to another neighbor a few streets away. The dogs have been lost for over two weeks!


One Response to “A tale of two funny things”

  1. Joel Says:

    Sometimes you really don’t need to embellish. That is funny enough as it is….

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