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Trip madness October 31, 2005

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Totally fun – Please check out the photos from my trip to Hawaii and San Francisco. My friend Shellie, who is my friend from junior high, works on a show with her husband called Hi Hi Puffy Ami Umi. Please check it out.

Shellie's Wedding DressShellie was wearing a wedding dress from 1940 that she bought at an auction 10 years ago. I remember getting that call and her telling me that she bought a wedding dress. She said, “I have no idea who I am going to marry, but at least I have my dress.” It was beautiful. She and her new husband are still vacationing in Hawaii.

Also up on flickr are the Halloween pictures. We had lots of fun going to our church event.

Oh, the San Francisco trip was also fun. I helped Joel and Erin register at Babies R’ Us. It is crazy to remember all the stuff you need in the beginning. I had a nice time helping other clueless expecting parents around the store. I think I am going to hire myself out. I was so severly jet lagged that I went to bed at 9pm and did not wake up until 11 1/2 hours later.

In the “Joel & Erin” set you will also see a picture of my friend Danielle whom I reconnected with after 12 years. Yikes that sounds long! We are already planning our next trip up north to spend more time with those folks! More than one day in Hawaii would be nice too.


Up, up and away! October 27, 2005

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I am off to do all my traveling. It has been a busy few days being off track! We have had lots of fun running around having playdates. Hope you all have a fun weekend going to all the Halloween parties!


Please pray October 24, 2005

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I am asking for prayer for Mark Manning’s mom. She has had a heart attack and is not expected to make it through the night. She has been down in Orange to help care for the Manning children while Heather is recooperating from her foot surgery.

I am also asking for prayer for my father-in-law. He will be having an angiogram soon. Please pray that everything goes well and he has the Lord’s peace with him.

In addition and lastly, please pray that I have safe flights and am filled with energy from seeing friends instead of fatigue from all the flying.

Update: Tuesday about 10:30 Betty passed away. Mark and Heather will be gone to Vacaville for the service. Let’s continue to keep them in our prayers.

I am thankful to have such God loving friends.


An update October 12, 2005

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My friend Shellie decided to get married on Friday the 28th in the morning! So I am doing this crazy thing where I see the wedding and hang out for a while and then taking the red eye to get to Joel and Erin’s in the morning!

Teething season has begun at our home. Our normally happy baby is hurting and on top of it all, has a mild cold. No fun. She is learning how to sit up and all. She skipped the whole rolling over thing – I am going to ask the doctor if that is okay.

Joel and Erin find out what the sex of their baby is today – I will let you know. I bet my aunt three months ago that it was a boy – we hear soon.

Our boy is about to go off track. I am looking forward to a short break of having to run all around the city every day. I am planning on going to the zoo, the aquarium and having lots of play dates. There is no time for resting!

I have been picking up lots of shifts lately to help pay for this whole crazy traveling season and it is leaving me quite grumpy and tired. I am working extra late while maintaining my whole craziness during the day. Taking a shower has become my only alone time and even then the kids still pop in and out to tattle and the baby is on the floor. But if I put my head under the water it mostly drowns out the sounds. If only I could fit in a shower every day. (single girls – hearing this should be your birth control – seriously.)

I am looking forward to a two year anniversary dinner with the girls at the Cheesecake Factory. The banana cheesecake there is awesome.