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Rashes, Grandpas and Rebates, oh my! September 30, 2005

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Long time no update. From the looks of the rest of your blogs, I would say we are all in the same boat, BUSY!

Here is what is happening on the homefront: rashes galore. It all started out with the neighbor kid having it, then Audrey, then Rachel, me and now Jon. I could not go to work tonight and possible tomorrow because of the rash. How would you like your food server touching your food with a rash? It is from head to toe but not scratchy. I took Rachel to the doctor and he was not concerned about it and said it would go away on its own.

My grandpa is staying with us for the next few weeks while my mom and dad enjoy a nice trip to Hawaii. The poor guy has no hearing and just sleeps all day. I feed him and remind him to take his pills. The kids are enjoying having him around. He brings me back to a time when I would hang out at his house when I was younger and play with my grandma. I always thought my grandpa looked like Charles Bronson.

Another thing that has been keeping me busy lately has been rebates. I think I am addicted. I mean, how can I not be when I can save money using the coupons and then get paid more for an item? Coors had a rebate recently for $35 cash back for your meat purchases. Hello? Has anyone met my steak loving husband? We buy that stuff all the time from Costco. There was no beer purchase required and had to spend $75 on meat, either all at once or throughout the 45 day window. The magazine that got me started was Refunds Make Cents. Great magazine. It does take quite a lot of your time though. Another thing that has kept me busy is at Albertson’s you can earn free movie tickets for buying Pepsi products and Quaker. For every $25 you buy in soda (and more products) you get 2 free movie codes from Fandango. You can do this deal repeatedly until 10/31. I also mentioned Quaker. I am a granola bar girl. We go through these things all the time in lunches and what not. This turns out to be a double deal because for saving your receipts and UPC symbols (I admit this is a pain) you can get free Leapfrog products.

Today I just sent away for my free Cinderella alarm clock. You buy any 6 products like Mr.Clean, Tide, Bounty, Febreeze and some others and you get this for FREE! Audrey will be so excited! I tell you guys, I thought I was doing well with the coupons, but now I have graduated to a new level. I will gladly give you all the next class if you wish.

Next month I plan on starting an opinion site where for every five reviews you get a $5 Starbuck card. There is also a site where you can get a $5 gas card for doing the same thing. And as my girlfriends know, when asked for my two cents worth, I give a dollar! (Lee drop your gun.) 🙂

Some more fun news is my friend Shellie is getting married. Did I mention where? In Maui! I am going. Jon is staying home and I am going with my buddy Becky for some fun times. This will be a crazy travelling season because a day after I return, Jon and I are visiting up north to see Erin and Joel and tell them what they really need on their baby registry. I am also going to meet up with a friend I lost contact with from high school. In addition, I just received an email via MySpace, from my big sis from Sigma Kappa and she lives in Sacramento. I am going to try to squish that in somewhere as well. So excited!

A lot of you on your blogs have been writing about tv – Jon and I are also enjoying Lost. Invasion is fun and I admit to being addicted to Survivor and the Apprentice. I think that is all we are watching for nightime tv until 24 and American Idol come back.

So I updated my blog – now you all go do the same so I can read about how busy you all are. Can’t wait to see you, read about you and/or talk to you all!


Women of Faith conference September 12, 2005

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This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Women of Faith conference at the Pond. To put it simply, it was an awesome experience. It was visually overwhelming to see thousands of women praising God. I am going next year – let me know if you want to come and I will get some tickets for you from the group we are going with. (when you buy in 25+ you get a discount.)

The speaker that I remember most was Chonda Pierce. She was hilarious while giving a wonderful message. Tammy Trent was there and she has an amazing testimony. Would you classify her as country? I don’t know but she has a great voice.

The conference got me thinking about the people in my life that are not Christians. My heart honestly hurts for these people. I daily pray for them to learn more about Jesus. It is so hard for me to look at these people that I love and know that I am not going to see them in heaven unless they wake up from their secular humanism beliefs. If you think of it, please pray for them.

One thing I suggest is buying a boxed lunch in advance. The stadium ran out of everything except hot dogs. Does anyone really eat those things?


Great soda deal and some info September 1, 2005

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Hello all. Just wanted to do a public service announcement that this is the week to stock up on soda. Ralph’s is having thier 4 for $6 deal now! Plus CRV. You buy the 4 12 packs and you get a $6 off your next bill. To make the deal even better, you can combine it with the Pepsi $5 rebate an/or the Dr. Pepper $5 rebate. You have to do the rebates seperate on two seperate Ralph’s club card. I used my mom’s – thanks mom. This makes for some great cheap soda. If you do not have the info on these rebates, I will be glad to help you find it. (I have no idea how to link here.) To make the deal even better check out the Vons ad which has a coupon for (3) free 2 liters when you buy (4) 12 packs that can be used at Ralphs. It is a manufacturer’s coupon.

No coffee store job – I will just continue to be a customer. I figure I will try again in one year. Seth and Audrey will be in school full day and I will just have Rachel to think about. She is doing well by the way. She is abount 15lbs and 26 inches tall. That is at the 75% for both height and weight. She is laughing up a storm and has learned to use her “yelping” and “screaming” voice. I am trying to help her learn her “quiet” voice. I am having much better luck with naps when we are home.

We returned from San Diego not rested but had a great time. We became members of the San Diego Zoo. The poor kids will never get their Disneyland passes back because it is not tax deductable. We recently learned this after becoming members at the Long Beach Aquarium. I am juts kidding about the Disney passes – we are waiting for Rachel to be a little older and have Seth want to go on more than three rides.

Anyone of you interested in walking or giving a donation to the Walk Now campaign for Cure Autism Now? We ladies are walking in Irvine on November 12th on behalf of Mark Thomas, Heather Manning’s son.

Hope all of you are well. Hope to see most of you soon. The rest of you I guess are visitors from China and Australia – I guess I am popular there or so my stats say.