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And I am coming up for air August 8, 2005

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Well, I am alive – thank God. These past few weeks have been full of fun activities and keeping this family busy. Seth has also started kindergarten. He really likes it. I cannot believe all the homework! I feel like a human ping pong ball because I am traveling between Audrey’s preschool, Seth’s kindergarten, work, bible studies and normal life.

Yes, I started back at that place. I am not mentioning it because I swear they are after me. I SO did not want to go back but have to due to income needs. I applied again for the coffee store and praying that opens some doors for me. I should hear by Wednesday if they are going to dig my availability. I can only work early morning opening until 10am and I put that I am unable to work on Sunday’s. I am hoping they can find a spot for me.

We recently went to Las Vegas to see one of Jon’s college friends get married. It was great – we went with the two Manning couples. It was a quick turn around trip but worth it.

Well, I will try to keep this place interesting and exciting. But need to go because the tape is not holding my eyes open any more.