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Bunch o’ stuff July 25, 2005

Filed under: Family,Rant — Shannon @ 10:40 pm

I was watching Regarding Henry today because that what was on when I turned on the tv and there is a part in there where Harrison Ford is painting a canvas of a Ritz box. How do I get my hands on that? I am going to try ebay.

As you can tell by my lack of posts, we have been one busy family. I am trying to cram in a summer of fun in our weeks for Seth before he starts kindergarten on the 2nd.

Rachel is starting to do that thing where she is cooing. It is so cute. She is telling me something – if only I could understand.

I went to the beach today and forgot to put sunblock on me so I am as red as a lobster in a wonderful farmer tan kind of way.

I have been getting questions lately on how my job situation is. I am still off on Family Leave, have not heard from the coffee store (I think my availablity again) and maybe am trying to get a job at our church as a part time receptionist. I have no idea what to do. Why can’t someone just pay me to raise my kids?

During my walk this morning, I had a good laugh. It was on a license plate. Before I tell you what made me laugh, I have to give you some background. My maiden name starts with an A (I am trying to be more secretive on who I am thus removing all employer info) so originally my initials were SKA. I had this childhood fantasy of having my initials be SKATE when I was older. Well in a cruel twist of fate, I did end up getting divorced and remarrying but my initials were not SKATE or anything remotely as pretty. They ended up to be SKAMP. Yes, you can laugh outloud at me. So when I was walking today, I saw on a black VW it said SKAMPR. So I guess I am remarrying later and apparently buying that black VW. (Not really.)


One Response to “Bunch o’ stuff”

  1. Heather #2 Says:

    Hey….That’s the name of that movie!!! Remember, I was telling you about it when we had dinner in Brea. The whole Ritz box paintings…..maybe Rachel will become a pop artist like Andy Worhall and start painting a whole Ritz box series!!!!

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