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Plastic caps July 15, 2005

Filed under: Rant — Shannon @ 9:25 pm

They drive me crazy! Why do the manufacturer’s put them on water bottles and (for the ladies) spray bottles from Bath and Body Works? What purpose do they serve? They wrap them in plastic to make sure no one opens them – then once you do you have the cap and then the water pop up thingy. Does anyone ever use the plastic cap? Is it supposed to be a small portable cup?

Which for some reason reminds me of a deoderant I saw the other day at Target. I was buying my husband his deoderant and was opening the containers because I wanted to make sure I was getting the right one. The one I opened was almost gone – used – complete with the armpit hair. To make matters worse, I was so disgusted, I put it back. Watch out for it – I have a feeling it will be like the mystery Pabst beer the boys had a few years back.


One Response to “Plastic caps”

  1. Jon Says:

    Ha!! The Mystery Pabst! Where’d that end up? In my tummy?

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