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All that and a box of Ritz part two July 12, 2005

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Awhile ago, I posted an article about the eye-catching graphics of the Ritz box and how it smartified (Ha!) Rachel. Pity the third kid.

The other day we are all on the floor of Seth’s room for some much needed play time. This has proven to be quite hard to squish into our schedule with mommy actually playing with the kids. Both Seth and Audrey were wanting me to play with them. So I had a tea party while playing Star Wars – it was quite interesting. Rachel was on the floor next to me and she started to fuss because she was bored of looking at the fan (imagine that!). So I started to teach her all the princesses from Disney and then when she was bored with those, I moved onto Star Wars characters. Seriously, this interested her for about 20 minutes, which is long for a 3 month old.

I started to think that by this time with Seth, we were getting started with the kid songs and toys with bright patterns. Poor Rachel, she won’t know her A’s from her 5’s until she hits kindergarten – but she will probably blow you away with her knowledge of pop culture!


One Response to “All that and a box of Ritz part two”

  1. Andrea Says:

    When I was reading this post, I thought it was going to end with you bringing back the RITZ box! Ha!

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