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My big 30! July 11, 2005

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It is my birthday today and I am going in for some upkeep. My friend Lori is watching the kids while I get all that girl pampering stuff done. The birthday plans include that, maybe taking in some free dinner at the Weinersnitzel (?) and going to some new bible study for married folk at our church.

Just kidding about the Weiner place. They are giving away some chili dogs and Tastee Freeze today from 5-8pm for their 44th anniversary.

Happy birthday to Bill Cosby who is also celebrating a birthday on July 12th! Anyone care to celebrate with some Jello Pudding Pops?


6 Responses to “My big 30!”

  1. Jason Says:

    Happy birthday, WhipperSnapper!
    Oh yeah and: Pudding pops – scmudding pops. There’s chilli dogs to be had!!!

  2. Jon Says:

    Happy Birthday to the love of my life!

  3. Heather #2 Says:

    Happy Birthday Sweetie!!! I hope you have a wonderful day of pampering and such.
    I’m looking forward to Sunday!!

  4. Monique Says:

    Happy Birthday! Glad to hear that you’ll have time to pamper yourself!

  5. Joel Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Welcome to the ranks of us old 30-something year olds. The weather is fine up here, but watch out for the random aches and pains that take just a little bit longer to heal. We look forward to seeing you this weekend…

  6. Dave Says:

    Happy Birthday! Yes, I am the slow one of the Rueter’s but Happy BIrthday anyway!

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