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And the second is gone… July 5, 2005

Filed under: Family,Rant — Shannon @ 11:18 pm

Today Audrey started preschool. When we were cuddling in the morning, I told her she was going today and she did that thing where you bring your hand into your chest and say, “yes!”

This little girl has wanted to go to preschool since Seth was in Ms. Jenny’s class two years ago. This has been a main motivator for her to potty train herself at age 2 so she could go to school. When she arrived, there was no looking back – just went to hug her teacher and play. I watched her for a minute and told her I was leaving and she said, “Okay.” I looked around me at the other parents and the kids having a hard time leaving each other and longed for that. I wondered why.

I think it was because this little girl has been joined at the hip with me since she was born. Her nickname from me is “Roo.” (You know from Winnie the Pooh – you have Kanga, the mommy and Roo, the kid and she carries him in her pouch.) Anyone with more than one kid will tell you that it is easier running errands with one kid rather than two. (now that I have three, it is easier with two than three.) The reason the first kid does not run errands as an infant is because, as a new mommy, you think it is hard running errands with the baby, so they often get left at home. With two, you often have a crazy high energy toddler, so they get left at home and you bring the baby. This was Audrey and she actually enjoys shopping with me – it is our buddy time.

So it felt weird today going out without my Roo. In August when Seth starts kindergarten, it will just be me and the baby Tuesday through Thursday. I can see how some initially have a hard time with that. It is bittersweet being a parent – you work yourself out of a job. They start out being so needy – you long for the day when you can reclaim some “me” time. Then they grow up and would rather play with friends.

Intellectually I know that this would happen. I see life passing me by faster every day and these kids getting bigger. It just feels like it is happening so fast that I want to hold onto it to make it slower. I have always heard old ladies talking like this and now I am one – off to take my Metamucil.


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