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Bunch o’ stuff July 25, 2005

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I was watching Regarding Henry today because that what was on when I turned on the tv and there is a part in there where Harrison Ford is painting a canvas of a Ritz box. How do I get my hands on that? I am going to try ebay.

As you can tell by my lack of posts, we have been one busy family. I am trying to cram in a summer of fun in our weeks for Seth before he starts kindergarten on the 2nd.

Rachel is starting to do that thing where she is cooing. It is so cute. She is telling me something – if only I could understand.

I went to the beach today and forgot to put sunblock on me so I am as red as a lobster in a wonderful farmer tan kind of way.

I have been getting questions lately on how my job situation is. I am still off on Family Leave, have not heard from the coffee store (I think my availablity again) and maybe am trying to get a job at our church as a part time receptionist. I have no idea what to do. Why can’t someone just pay me to raise my kids?

During my walk this morning, I had a good laugh. It was on a license plate. Before I tell you what made me laugh, I have to give you some background. My maiden name starts with an A (I am trying to be more secretive on who I am thus removing all employer info) so originally my initials were SKA. I had this childhood fantasy of having my initials be SKATE when I was older. Well in a cruel twist of fate, I did end up getting divorced and remarrying but my initials were not SKATE or anything remotely as pretty. They ended up to be SKAMP. Yes, you can laugh outloud at me. So when I was walking today, I saw on a black VW it said SKAMPR. So I guess I am remarrying later and apparently buying that black VW. (Not really.)


Seriously July 19, 2005

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Seth has found a new word, seriously. It is seriously going to drive me crazy, seriously. Seriously, can you guess what it is?



Spiders & chocolate July 18, 2005

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This morning I took my daily walk. Thanks to some good friends, I now have Starbuck card money from my birthday, so that is where I decided to walk this morning to help my hangover. (I had my first alcohol in one year and I did not handle it too well.) Seth woke up so I was walking with him and Rachel.

One of my favorite things to do is find spiders. I love spiders. I have been fascinated by them for years. I kill them if they are in my home with my bare hands but outside I leave them be. I love the big huge ones and all their colors. This morning Seth and I found a huge orange one. There is one spot they always gravitate towards in our neighborhood. I did not think I would see any because it was already quite sunny and hot. But here he was and it was quite neat that my son and I could soak in nature together. We watched him spin more web and think he was catching prey when I blew on his web. We had some fun buddy time.

This weekend was also a fun time because I was able to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with some girlfriends. We had lots of fun and most of us enjoyed the movie. Although my favorite part from the original was not in the new movie, I enjoyed not listening to “Cheer up Charlie” the song and seeing what happens to the naughty children after they are done being blueberries and such. What is my favorite part from the original you might ask? Well, it is stupid, but my fave part is the tasting the wallpaper. I think if someone made that in real life it would be great. It would create some problems though. How would you know what has already been licked? How often would you have to replace it? We all know how much fun hanging wallpaper is.

This weekend also brought good news from a member of my family – my cousin Joel and his wife Erin are expecting their first baby. They moved up to Marin county last year (near San Fransisco) and we were able to see them at a wedding and hang out with them on Sunday. Erin has been cancer free for 2 years now – please keep them in your prayers.


Plastic caps July 15, 2005

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They drive me crazy! Why do the manufacturer’s put them on water bottles and (for the ladies) spray bottles from Bath and Body Works? What purpose do they serve? They wrap them in plastic to make sure no one opens them – then once you do you have the cap and then the water pop up thingy. Does anyone ever use the plastic cap? Is it supposed to be a small portable cup?

Which for some reason reminds me of a deoderant I saw the other day at Target. I was buying my husband his deoderant and was opening the containers because I wanted to make sure I was getting the right one. The one I opened was almost gone – used – complete with the armpit hair. To make matters worse, I was so disgusted, I put it back. Watch out for it – I have a feeling it will be like the mystery Pabst beer the boys had a few years back.


All that and a box of Ritz part two July 12, 2005

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Awhile ago, I posted an article about the eye-catching graphics of the Ritz box and how it smartified (Ha!) Rachel. Pity the third kid.

The other day we are all on the floor of Seth’s room for some much needed play time. This has proven to be quite hard to squish into our schedule with mommy actually playing with the kids. Both Seth and Audrey were wanting me to play with them. So I had a tea party while playing Star Wars – it was quite interesting. Rachel was on the floor next to me and she started to fuss because she was bored of looking at the fan (imagine that!). So I started to teach her all the princesses from Disney and then when she was bored with those, I moved onto Star Wars characters. Seriously, this interested her for about 20 minutes, which is long for a 3 month old.

I started to think that by this time with Seth, we were getting started with the kid songs and toys with bright patterns. Poor Rachel, she won’t know her A’s from her 5’s until she hits kindergarten – but she will probably blow you away with her knowledge of pop culture!


My big 30! July 11, 2005

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It is my birthday today and I am going in for some upkeep. My friend Lori is watching the kids while I get all that girl pampering stuff done. The birthday plans include that, maybe taking in some free dinner at the Weinersnitzel (?) and going to some new bible study for married folk at our church.

Just kidding about the Weiner place. They are giving away some chili dogs and Tastee Freeze today from 5-8pm for their 44th anniversary.

Happy birthday to Bill Cosby who is also celebrating a birthday on July 12th! Anyone care to celebrate with some Jello Pudding Pops?


Uno to tres

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As most of you know, the kids were at my parent’s house this weekend while Jon recooped. We just had the baby with us. I really enjoyed this weekend because I had the chance to just hang out with Rachel. It was so easy! I remember when we just had Seth and we thought one kid was so hard! Ha!

Once I had more than one kid, I learned a couple of things: it is more important to raise a nice kid than a child prodigy, child-rearing is not a competition and just relax and enjoy it. I know I often was caught up in keeping up with the Joneses child wise by making sure Seth was one of the smartest kids around. In hindsight, however, I wish I had done things a little different. Don’t get me wrong, I love ALL my kids. But now I am definately doing some back peddling with the focus on social skills.

This weekend I also had the opportunity to enjoy some reading. I finished a whole book in a week! Back in my carefree days, I would often finish at least a book a day! Since the children came however, finishing one a month is the norm.

On Sunday, we picked up the kids again. Thanks Mom and Dad for watching them on dad’s birthday and the weekend before the big test! All was good – the uno turned backed into tres!


Off they go! July 7, 2005

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Tomorrow, Friday, is the big vasectomy day. No, I don’t think they really take anything off do they? I will let you know.

My husband is very brave. Kudos to you honey for stepping up and getting snipped. I promise to keep the ice packs coming.


And the second is gone… July 5, 2005

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Today Audrey started preschool. When we were cuddling in the morning, I told her she was going today and she did that thing where you bring your hand into your chest and say, “yes!”

This little girl has wanted to go to preschool since Seth was in Ms. Jenny’s class two years ago. This has been a main motivator for her to potty train herself at age 2 so she could go to school. When she arrived, there was no looking back – just went to hug her teacher and play. I watched her for a minute and told her I was leaving and she said, “Okay.” I looked around me at the other parents and the kids having a hard time leaving each other and longed for that. I wondered why.

I think it was because this little girl has been joined at the hip with me since she was born. Her nickname from me is “Roo.” (You know from Winnie the Pooh – you have Kanga, the mommy and Roo, the kid and she carries him in her pouch.) Anyone with more than one kid will tell you that it is easier running errands with one kid rather than two. (now that I have three, it is easier with two than three.) The reason the first kid does not run errands as an infant is because, as a new mommy, you think it is hard running errands with the baby, so they often get left at home. With two, you often have a crazy high energy toddler, so they get left at home and you bring the baby. This was Audrey and she actually enjoys shopping with me – it is our buddy time.

So it felt weird today going out without my Roo. In August when Seth starts kindergarten, it will just be me and the baby Tuesday through Thursday. I can see how some initially have a hard time with that. It is bittersweet being a parent – you work yourself out of a job. They start out being so needy – you long for the day when you can reclaim some “me” time. Then they grow up and would rather play with friends.

Intellectually I know that this would happen. I see life passing me by faster every day and these kids getting bigger. It just feels like it is happening so fast that I want to hold onto it to make it slower. I have always heard old ladies talking like this and now I am one – off to take my Metamucil.