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Growing old gracefully June 12, 2005

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I just love old people that still have some life in them. No I am not talking about a heartbeat! I am talking about those old people that still have some spunk left in them. My grams was this way. She still was crawling on the floor playing with her great grandkids until the day she died. She was quite the spitfire!
I met one of those lovely ladies this weekend at a family gathering on Jon’s side. She was verly lively and animated – I just love it. Her grandkids and future great-grandkids are so lucky to have her around. I hope that when I get old I can keep my ailments to myself and enjoy life and the people in it. Any of you all still have a grandparent this way that makes you smile?


First day back at work June 9, 2005

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I returned to the lovely world of waitressing at my restaurant today to find that nothing has really changed in five months. I really did not want to go this morning because Audrey started to cry and tell me that she did not want me to go to work. That was a really rough way to start the day.
Customer service jobs suck. Plain and simple – waitressing even more so because people judge you on your “performance.” Some people just give a certain amount no matter what you do. We have one at my place – he is called five buck Juan. No matter how much the bill is (normally around $200 for his family of 6) he always leaves 5 dollars. Luckily, I have never had him in my section – I am always in good with the hostess staff.
I just checked out a hilarious book called Waiting – The true confessions of a waitress. Good book for any of you that have had a waitressing job – so true. For those of you who have not been “blessed” with a service job, check it out anyway because it gives good insight into the restaurant industry and it is a funny, fast read.


Learning to cry it out June 7, 2005

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We have reached that point where Rachel is learning how to comfort herself. She is nearly 2 months old and the easy-going personality is still there however, now instead of napping on her terms, they are on mine.
We have done this for the last two kids but this time it is harder. I think it is because I know I am not doing this baby thing again. It just sucks to hear her cry. Though, I know she needs to learn to fall asleep on her own – it is agony to hear her cry. I mean, it has been hours – no, I guess, just 15 minutes.
If we never learn how to comfort ourselves then we can never be comfortable when left alone. Now I know several people like that and to each his own. I know when I get some alone time that it refreshes me and I am ready to take on the world again (or just the laundry).


The books I am reading June 1, 2005

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You caught me Arlen! The reason I did not tell you all what books I am in the middle of reading is because I forgot (gasp!) the rules on quotations and underlining. No need for a lesson right now please – I will just name them:
Seabiscuit – Laura Hillenbrand (gift from in-laws)
Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini (book club selection)
Total Control – David Baldacci (author of Absolute Power and bought from the marketing geniuses at Amazon who link “If you like this, try this!” and it works because I like it.
I will let you know if there are any must reads.