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My cleaning ADD June 30, 2005

Filed under: Family — Shannon @ 11:09 pm

Today I attempted to clean my house for the first time since the baby was born. Seriously, you could walk through my house with no shoes or socks on and have a foot full of stuff on the bottom of your feet. It was disgusting. I had so many projects I wanted to do that I really did not know where to start. I found myself starting to clean the bathroom and then needing to go downstairs for something, forget what I was doing and then start cleaning something else. Then heading back upstairs and remembering what I was originally doing. I figured this is either a normal woman thing (anyone else like this?) my brain is multi-tasking on crack speed or I have ADD with cleaning. I eventually finished some projects and have more fun cleaning to do tomorrow.

More news on the coffee thing – received an email from corporate that says they are trying to place me in the Inland Empire. I filled out an application online (different from the other one I did with the availability filled out) for part-time management. I have corresponded with this lady in a couple emails so hopefully I will hear something soon.

Seth spent the night at a friends house last night. That kid is growing up too fast. He will be starting kindergarten in August. Audrey is sick right now but she is starting preschool next week. She will be going to Crossroads Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday full day. They have an awesome summer program there with lots of fun stuff to do. Then in the fall, she will transfer to the half day program on Tuesday and Thursday. Rachel is doing well. She is getting nosier and displaying her displeasure when we are not doing what she wants. She is in the 3-6 month clothes and still has those blue eyes. (fingers crossed!) She is a load of fun to watch as she interacts with Seth and Audrey.

Went to work tonight and they wanted me to sign my paperwork for the leave. In the paperwork, it stated that I was not guaranteed the same schedule or position when I came back. So I told them that I was not going to sign it. I can tell this tested their patience. But hey, that was the deal made with corporate. Good thing I don’t have the ADD with this stuff!


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