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Sharing the good news June 22, 2005

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Tonight we finished a program at our church called Alpha. It was a bible study with about 1500 people and our church served dinner. It was a great program. We sat at a table with 8 other people and had a lesson on Chrisitianity 101 and then were able to have a discussion. It was fun to get in on a small group study. Jon and I are thinking of starting one out of our home for parents. We already have two other couples wanting to join.

For me, studying the bible is something that normally gets shoved into that 3 minute span of time when I am about to fall asleep but remember that I should read the bible. Having a group study will make these stories come alive to me and help me relate God’s word to my life. I am excited. We will probably start it in the fall because the church is doing a marriage class in July and then in August they do a music concert series on Tuesday’s. I am thankful that Alpha is over because maybe I can start serving Italian again!

Some other good news is that I received a note and a check stating that I was eligible for the Family Leave Act. This is an additional 6 weeks of paid leave. My employer had told me I did not qualify for this and that I missed it by 80 hours. So I went back to work. Well, I now get the month of July off because I am finishing out the schedule there.

The news with the coffee thing is that I went to the job fair they had on Saturday. I have no idea if they will want to hire me because they made a comment about my availability. I wrote that it was Monday-Friday from 4am-9am. I told them that I spoke with one of their “partners” and that this was an available shift. Who knows? I should hear this week if they want me. I will let you know.


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