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Have not decided yet June 17, 2005

Filed under: Family,Rant,Work — Shannon @ 10:23 pm

I am thinking about going to work for the coffee store. Considering how much of my fun money I spend at the place, it would be amazing that they would actually pay me to be there. They have a 4:00am-9:00am shift that is available and I am thinking about taking it. Yes, I would be making less money and all but I would get to be home with the kids and be available to do homework with Seth when he starts school. I just don’t know. I would not be getting much sleep.
Why can’t I just relax? When I try, I just keep thinking of all the things I am not doing! I guess I just like to be busy. I think it started in high school when freshman year I said that I wanted to be the girl who had the most achievements under her name and I think I tied with three other people. I did those things all the while working at least one job, sometimes two. My high school friends can back me up here.
I just received a note from the EDD stating that I qualified for the Family Leave Act. That means I get an additional 6 weeks of paid time off. I better tell my work that I am not planning on coming back.


2 Responses to “Have not decided yet”

  1. Jason Says:

    If I were you, I would SO take the Starbucks job. It’s all about doing what you like, especially if it means mom can be home with the kids more. Those are the two reasons why Diane quit her job so that I can make less money at a job I don’t have yet. Wow, that sounds really bad when I type it out like that.

  2. Monique Says:

    I agree with Jason. If you can swing it financially, then having a job that you’d enjoy and would give you more freedom to spend time with your kids is a win-win. Money isn’t everything…I hear sleep isn’t either. *wink*

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