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Getting together with the girls June 17, 2005

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Last night was my once a month girl’s night. I am always in awe in how awesome it is to have a great group of girlfriends. It is nice to get a break and just relax.
We celebrated Andrea’s birthday with a big cooking bash. We broke out the wine and the Pampered Chef stoneware and recipes and had a blast. I have pictures coming. Don’t worry ladies – I won’t show the ones where you flashed me. (Seriously – if you want to see these – I will email you) You can pay the blackmail directly to Starbucks!
I am looking forward to next month when my fave movie comes out – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and I can celebrate going into my thirties. Yikes!


One Response to “Getting together with the girls”

  1. Jason Says:

    Going into your thirties?
    From now on, I call you you “Whipper Snapper”.

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