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Sucked in by the bonsai kitten June 13, 2005

Filed under: On the Web — Shannon @ 9:34 pm

Okay – I admit it. I was sucked in by one of those emails – you know the kind. Now I never signed one or forwarded one on and never will – but I did get sick to my stomach over an email a friend from MOPS sent me. It was about cruelty to kitties and how this website crammed kittens into jars and molded their bodies into the shape of the jar. They fed them by inserting feeding tubes and put a catheter in to help with elimination.
I went to this website and really believed that they did these horrible things. Yes, I have not fully gone to full throttle in the brain department yet. I was telling Jon about it and he would not believe me. (He is so smart!) He insisted that the photos might be altered. He then asked if I went to snopes. NOPES!
Boy did I feel stupid. I showed Jon this website and he laughed for like twenty minutes – okay, not really twenty minutes. Have a good laugh on me today and check out the website. I don’t know how to link yet but it is


One Response to “Sucked in by the bonsai kitten”

  1. Andrea Says:

    So who sits around and comes up with this stuff. I wish I had that much free time! I think I too would have been sick if I didn’t know…and I don’t like cats.

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