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Growing old gracefully June 12, 2005

Filed under: Family — Shannon @ 10:41 pm

I just love old people that still have some life in them. No I am not talking about a heartbeat! I am talking about those old people that still have some spunk left in them. My grams was this way. She still was crawling on the floor playing with her great grandkids until the day she died. She was quite the spitfire!
I met one of those lovely ladies this weekend at a family gathering on Jon’s side. She was verly lively and animated – I just love it. Her grandkids and future great-grandkids are so lucky to have her around. I hope that when I get old I can keep my ailments to myself and enjoy life and the people in it. Any of you all still have a grandparent this way that makes you smile?


5 Responses to “Growing old gracefully”

  1. Uncle Olt Says:

    Until he was completely bedridden, my mom’s dad would get down on the floor and play a cool shoe-passing game with all the kids. I think Jon played it with us once, at my college grad party!

  2. Shannon Says:

    How do you play it Arlen?

  3. Uncle Olt Says:

    Gee, I will have to ask my mom. It’s called “Saratupa” and is kinda like a kneeling version of musical chairs, only you stay in the same place, and each person passes one of their shoes around the circle while you sing the Saratupa song.

  4. Monique Says:

    Sounds a lot like Hot Potato…but I love shoes, so a better version!

  5. Uncle Olt Says:

    OK: The words to the song are:

    Saratupa, sara-lara lee la ra. Saratupa see, sa see see see see sa.

    One person “leads” the chanting of these words, and the others sing along. On the downbeat everybody passes one shoe to the left, and on the upbeat they grab the shoe just handed to them. When you get to the end of the line (i.e., “sa see see see see sa”), you hold the shoe and just move it left and right, but don’t pass it.

    There’s no real purpose to the game that I know of, but the fun thing is that each time you repeat the song you sing it a little faster. Pretty soon shoes are flying all over the place and kids are squealing with glee. But people can be eliminated. The “caller” if you will, keeps singing the song with everybody else, but when he stops (always at the end of the verse) everybody stops passing shoes. If you have more than one shoe in front of you when the music stops, you’re out. So there’s a tension that builds as the shoes move faster, and you wonder if this time the song will stop–or next time? Great game to play with a lot of kids.

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