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First day back at work June 9, 2005

Filed under: Rant — Shannon @ 9:29 pm

I returned to the lovely world of waitressing at my restaurant today to find that nothing has really changed in five months. I really did not want to go this morning because Audrey started to cry and tell me that she did not want me to go to work. That was a really rough way to start the day.
Customer service jobs suck. Plain and simple – waitressing even more so because people judge you on your “performance.” Some people just give a certain amount no matter what you do. We have one at my place – he is called five buck Juan. No matter how much the bill is (normally around $200 for his family of 6) he always leaves 5 dollars. Luckily, I have never had him in my section – I am always in good with the hostess staff.
I just checked out a hilarious book called Waiting – The true confessions of a waitress. Good book for any of you that have had a waitressing job – so true. For those of you who have not been “blessed” with a service job, check it out anyway because it gives good insight into the restaurant industry and it is a funny, fast read.


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