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Memorial Day Weekend May 31, 2005

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What a great weekend we had! The kids were in San Diego with my mom and dad since Friday, so Jon and I were able to have some good times together. We still had Rachel but she is so quiet we felt like we were alone!
Friday night we went to Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucuamonga and ate dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and walked around after. Saturday afternoon, I attended a wedding and I was her personal assistant that day. Have any of you ever tried to sweep up rose petals? I do not recommend it. Sunday, we had a barbeque with some friends and played Texas hold’em. I had never played – just watched it on celebrity poker. It was fun. On Monday, we saw the early show of Episode 3 with some friends and went to lunch at SuperMex. (yum!) We returned home to go to a barbeque at our neighbors house and go in the pool. On Tuesday, Jon worked and I was given the clean bill of health from the ob to go back to my extra-curricular activities (yeah!) and the kids came home! Whew! No wonder I want to go to bed at 8:30!
So often in the role of parenthood, you forget who you once were because your needs often come last. It was fun letting lose with friends and starting to read again.


5 Responses to “Memorial Day Weekend”

  1. Joe Says:

    Here’s to cuttin loose! I’m glad to hear you say that about not forgetting who you are. I’ve seen people stop living when they have kids. While they sure demand a lot of attention, you should always make time for yourself if you can.

  2. Uncle Olt Says:

    And your next paragraph (or post) might discuss just what you have been reading. DO NOT tease us like that!

  3. Uncle Olt Says:

    BTW, is there a design reason behind making the text of an entry change color on mouse-hover? It makes it harder to read, but you can’t click it.

  4. Jon Says:

    No there isn’t a reason for the color change on mouse-over… we’re just using a stock template. I find that annoying, also. Perhaps I’ll change it if Shannon has no objections.

  5. Shannon Says:

    Go ahead Jon – It drives me crazy also. Great job on everything else!

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