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All that and a box of Ritz May 22, 2005

Filed under: Family — Shannon @ 7:01 am

As a mother of three small kids, I have pretty much given up stuffing my children’s head mind stimulating data every waking hour. Don’t call social services just yet, mind you, I still work with the kids, I just don’t devote as much time to it now as I did in the beginning when Seth was a baby.
As most of you know, we have quite a busy life and Rachel is in her carseat most of the time going from here to there. On Thursday, she had a chance to stretch out while at a neighbor’s pool. These are our neighbor’s that just recently had a baby also, 3 weeks ahead of ours. This couple has already had two other kids, 7 and 10. So they are all stocked up on all the latest baby gear since they had already given away all there old stuff. While Rachel was stretching out on their patio table, (hey, she wasn’t going to go any where!) their baby was being a little fussy. Robin pulled out her Baby Einstein puppet and began to do a little puppet dance for her baby. I looked over at Rachel and began to get a little mommy guilt that I wasn’t doing anything for her until I noticed that she was staring intently on the box of Ritz crackers that we had brought over for a snack. That was when I had the brilliant thought, “Hey, it has red. That should stimulate her brain, right?”
It was then I figured out the difference between having 3 small children versus having a new baby. You go Robin for all your hard work. Me, I am happy with just turning the Ritz box around to a different angle – hopefully she will turn out just fine.


2 Responses to “All that and a box of Ritz”

  1. Joel Says:

    I have much faith, given your two previous successes, that your instincts will produce an incredible third child. Not that I am fully experienced at this yet, but I figure that you begin to weed out the extraneous stuff as you become more experienced at child-rearing. I assume that you already know what works and what doesn’t.

    So…no worries. Unless, of course, you let Seth teach her about what kind of superhero she should be…

  2. Joel Says:

    Please change my previous comment — I didn’t mean to put in a name there…Sorry — my bad…

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